Yoder vs Rec Tec Grills

Shopping for the ideal grill can be challenging, especially with so many different options in the market. Picking one over the other can be confusing, and every pitmaster knows how tough it can be to decide which option is offering them value for money. However, we know all about the complexities of choosing a grill for your cookouts and barbecue parties.

Yoder vs Rec Tec Grills

That is the reason why we have decided to make a detailed comparison between the two brands you are likely to come across on your search for the perfect grill. Yoder and Rec Tec have been around in the industry for a long time and have excellent reputations. While we don’t promise that you will have made your mind by the end of the post, you will have enough information to make an informed decision on the best grill for your barbecue parties and cookouts.

Brand Comparison

The first thing you should know before you purchase a grill is what the brand stands for and whether they have a stellar reputation in the industry. Therefore, we will compare the Yoder and Rec Tec brands to give you a fair idea about where both these brands stand.


Yoder has been around in the grilling industry for over a decade. The brand was established in 2007, and ever since that time has come out an impressive range of smokers. The products are manufactured in the United States, and they guarantee superior workmanship on all their products. The price range of Yoder grills also makes them hard to ignore by any barbecue grill master.

Rec Tec

Rec Tec is a firmly established name in the grilling community and has come out with an extensive range of products over the years. It was founded in 2009 by two friends and grill masters who loved barbecuing and searing their favorite meat. They knew the industry needed higher quality grills and established their line of grills that are among the favorites of every grill master today.

Features Comparison of the Brands

Now that we have given you a comparison of the two brands and where they stand in the industry, it is time to get to the brass tacks. We shall now discuss the defining features of both brands’ grills and give our verdict on which one is the superior grill on the market.

Temperature Control

One of the essential features to look at when comparing grills is temperature control, which determines the type of meat you cook and cooking style.

Yoder grills have an exceptional temperature control setting that allows you to cook, sear, grill, or smoke any meat on the grill. The brand uses an Adaptive Control System that offers superior accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency when grilling or smoking.

Rec Tec grills also have decent temperature control, allowing you to cook, grill, or sear your meat to perfection. The brand has Wi-Fi capabilities and a digital temperature display on its grills that allow you to adjust temperature and monitor your food conveniently from your phone.

In terms of temperature control, we don’t have a clear winner in this category as both brands do a stellar job of offering excellent options to users.

Temperature Range

The grill temperature range is also an important feature to consider when comparing grills, as that determines how efficiently a grill cooks, sears, or grills the meat.

Yoder grills have always come out with an excellent temperature range between 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That allows grill masters to sear and smoke meat perfectly and get the best results.

Rec Tec grills are renowned for their temperature range between 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The massive temperature range ensures you can cook, sear, grill, or barbecue meat to perfection with ease.

Rec Tec happens to be the clear winner in terms of temperature range as they have an extensive temperature range that is suitable for all types of cooking.

Cooking Surface Area

You must also think about the setting in which you will be cooking your meat, which is why the cooking surface area of a grill should be considered. Each brand offers various grills with different cooking surface areas, which makes it tough to choose a winner.

Yoder grills have an extensive range of grills that offer various cooking surface areas to grill masters. Their ideal cooking surface area is between 250 square inches to 300 square inches, which is more than enough space to cook your ideal barbecue meal.

Rec Tec grills also offer decent cooking surface area in their grills, making it tough to differentiate between the two brands. Their grills have a cooking surface area between 260 square inches to 290 square inches.

In terms of the cooking surface area, both brands score highly with their lineup of grills, which is why we don’t have a clear winner in this category.

Hopper Capacity

You may think that the hopper capacity doesn’t matter much, but it is only when you start cooking do you realize the difference it makes. Here is how the hopper capacity compares between Yoder and Rec Tec grills.

Yoder grills feature a standard 18 pounder hopper, which can be filled with pellets. It’s a decent size, but you will need to refill it frequently if you are cooking for long hours.

Rec Tec grills are renowned for their excellent hopper capacity. Their standard grills come with a hopper capacity between 20 to 22 pounds, and their larger grills have a hopper capacity of nearly 40 pounds.

There can only be one clear winner in this category in terms of hopper capacity, and that is Rec Tec grills. When you buy this grill, you know that you can concentrate on your cooking instead of worrying about refilling the hopper.

Our Final Thoughts

It was tough to compare two stellar brands in the grilling community, but we did our best to point you in the right direction. Both Yoder and Rec Tec are excellent brands and have an extensive range of grills that will be perfect for any cookout or barbecue. However, if you are pressing us for a favorite, we will choose Rec Tec grills as the better choice, but Yoder grills will also do the job nicely.

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