Trail Embers Pellet Grill Reviews: How Do They Compare?

Looking for a brand new pellet grill or upgrading your old one? A Trail Embers Pellet Grill might be just what you need! Easy and convenient to use, pellet grills are the real deal when it comes to outdoor cooking. And getting a good one can completely revive your experience of grilling outside the comfort of your indoor kitchen.

Pellet grills come in various sizes and types which makes them even more suitable than the conventional means of grilling or roasting food. From making your favorite barbeque sandwiches to sautéed vegetables, these versatile pellet grills are the epic solution to your food temptations.

Their increased use and popularity over the years comes with no surprise. And you are likely to find several different types of pellet grills. This review will give you all the reasons why Trail Embers pellet grill is made just for you!

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What are Trail Embers Pellet Grills

This pellet grill is a relatively new edition to the range of aesthetically pleasing and versatile grill range by Trail Ember.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Large grilling capacity
  • Digital multi-position controller
  • Easy to read temperature gauge
  • Easily moveable
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Small in size
  • Complex to assemble
  • Not ideally portable
  • Great chances of rusting
  • No ash clean mechanism

Key Features of Trail Embers Pellet Grill

High-Quality Construction

A modern outer look and a finely constructed interior make this pellet grill a treat to look at. Its small size makes it great to be placed almost anywhere. You can totally go ahead and place this in your patio, backyard or even that small terrace you’ve got.

Powder-coated steel is used to construct the body of Trail Embers pellet grill. It not only gives the grill a decent and attractive look but also helps it withstand tough weather conditions. In case you live in a rainy city, you can purchase the original waterproof cover for this particular pellet grill to provide additional coverage and protection.

It consists of two cooking grates along with a warming rack which is all made from porcelain-coated steel. This steel is resistant to abrasion and corrosion and is also flameproof. The storage container – referred to as hopper – has a capacity to hold about 10 pounds of pellets.

No, we’re not done yet!

Trail Embers pellet grill also comes with an integrated temperature gauge and a digital controller. This controller has a multi-position knob that features temperature settings that go from 180°F to 420°F in 25° increments which are displayed on an LCD.


The technology that is used in making pellet grills is more costly than the one used in conventional grills. Therefore, it is alright for you to be scared that buying a pellet grill will be heavy on your pocket. Trail Embers makes sure that it brings to you quality products on affordable prices.

A Trail Embers pellet grill saves your money in two ways: it is priced at a rate that is lesser than most of the other pellet grills available, and it comes with a smoker as well! So you will no longer need to spend money on buying a smoker separately.

ThermostatOne of the strongest features of this model is the LED digital thermostat. It makes it easier for you to monitor and control the temperature. Easy for you to read and monitor, it helps you to be able to make the best of grilled food!

Plus, the heating is great. Whether you want a medium-rare steak or prefer a little overcooked one, this allows you to cook it whatever way you want. The flameproof cooking grates make it safe for you for use and you can definitely experiment all you want.

Cooking Space

Trail Embers pellet grill offers a grilling space of 742 square inches of grilling space. This is coupled with 550 square inches of main cooking space and a further 192 square inches of secondary space. So don’t go on the apparently small size of this grill. You’ll be surprised at how it magically caters to multiple meals you’ve planned on making.

A foldable shelf in the front of the cooking pellet gives you an ample room to load and unload the grill. If you love treating yourself with larger meat loaf or giant ribs, good for you! All this added space will save you from the trouble of wrestling all those briskets.


The pellet grill has two steel wheels attached to its stand. These wheels enable the user to move the grill around easily. So if you’re used to moving the grill around your backyard too often, a Trail Embers pellet grill will be nice to have.

Yet, note that the ease to move the pallet grill around does not mean it is mobile as well. The complicated assembly procedure of its parts makes it extremely difficult to pack and then unpack it for traveling purposes. If you decide to buy the Trail Embers pellet grill, we recommend that you assemble it once and move around or near your house only.

Grease Collecting Bucket

Are you a clean freak? If yes, then this feature will definitely please you. The grease bucket comes along with the entire pellet grill. It hangs on the side of the stand, where all the grease can be conveniently collected. Once you’re done using the Trail Embers pellet grill, you can easily clean this bucket and prepare it for the next grilling session.

Maintenance and Warranty

Grease bucket is, sadly, the only cleaning feature in this pellet grill. There is no inbuilt mechanism to clean ash. You will have to do it yourself. If you wish to clean the grills, you can only use wipes of cloth. No paint or sprays can be used on the interior parts of the grill.

Trail Embers provides 1 year of warranty against any defects in their products under normal use and maintenance. In case any part of the grill stops working properly within a year of purchase, you can easily get it replaced.

Trail Embers Pellet Grill Parts

You may have a slightly hard time assembling this pellet grill. Reason being that it comes with so many parts. But don’t let this ruin your chances of buying this elegant looking grill. Trail Embers ensures that these several grill parts are not difficult to handle.

All the parts are separately listed on the owner’s manual that comes along with the product. In case you end up losing any part, there is no need to freak out. This is the best part – you can purchase each part separately! Following is a list of the entire trail Embers pellet grill parts you can expect to find separately.

  • Heat Baffle
  • Distribution Heat Plate
  • Hot Rod
  • Fire Pot
  • Temperature Probe
  • LCD Controller
  • Cooking Grate
  • Warming Rack
  • Pellet Hopper Assembly
  • Grease Bucket
  • Auger Motor
  • Blower Fan
  • Fuse
  • Shear Pin for Auger
  • Auger Bushing
  • Steel Wheel

Is a Trail Embers Pellet Grill right for you?

Are you still not sure if the Trail Embers pellet grill is the one you need? Don’t worry. One factor that we still haven’t accounted for is can you!

Yes, you.

The Trail Embers Pellet Grill is Ideal:

  • If you enjoy outdoor cooking within or around your house
  • If you have a dedicated space outside your house to keep a good looking pallet grill
  • If you are short on money
  • If this is the first time you will be using a pellet grill
  • If you frequently have small get-togethers at your place
  • If you usually misplace things and require replacement
  • If you have a knack for buying good quality things

If you can relate to most of these things, go ahead and buy your own Trail Embers pellet grill.

If not, relax! We may have some alternatives that you would like looking into.

Trail Embers Pellet Grill Alternatives

If you feel this pellet grill does not resonate with you, you should check out the following brands for their various models of pellet grills.

  • Traeger
  • Yoder
  • Green Mountain
  • Camp Chef

Our Final Thoughts

It can be tricky to find the absolute best pellet grill for yourself. Trail Embers pellet grill has many features that instantly click and it gets hard to resist falling for such a beauty.

Do keep in mind that what matters the most is you. So whether you go out and buy our recommended pellet grill or some other, know what you want your experience to be like and then decide.

We hope that you find your desired grill soon!

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