Traeger Silverton Pellet Grill Review & Alternatives

The convenience that comes with pellet grills is hard to ignore. So if you’ve finally decided to replace your traditional grilling appliances with a brand new pellet grill, you’re thinking is on the right track!

The increasing popularity of pellet grills has resulted in a myriad of options being available in the market. Traeger is one of the leading manufacturers currently producing a variety of pellet grills. If you’re reading this article, it is likely that you’ve already come across Traeger Silverton Pellet Grill, which is a recent model released in the wood-fired grills category.

Not sure if it’s the one for you? Read this guide to make an informed decision on buying a Traeger Silverton pellet grill for yourself. The Traeger Silverton is only available on Costco so we’ve included some alternative Traeger pellet grills as well.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Favorite Traeger Silverton Alternatives

About Traeger

Did you know that the first pellet grill model ever made was by Joe Traeger? Joe went on to patent the famous pellet grill design in 1986 before which his pellet drills were distributed as a part of a local family-run business. He, later on, became the CEO of Traeger Grills.

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This explains how Traeger has managed to maintain its monopoly in the pellet grill market ever since its inception. Over the last 30 years, Traeger has introduced a number of different and innovative pellet grill designs that are aimed to revolutionize the grilling experience of its customers.

What to Look For in a Pellet Grill

Not all pellet grills are the same. Different models have been introduced by Traeger to cater to different needs and preferences. While all the pellet grills have the indirect heat delivery system, not all provide the same cooking and grilling experience.

You can choose the features according to your inclination but there are some essential factors that you can’t ignore.

Here are some questions that you should keep in mind when on the lookout for a good pellet grill.

  • How big is the cooking area? For larger families, a primary surface of 350-800 sq. inches should be enough.
  • What is the range of temperature controls?  Good pellet grills ideally have controls that offer temperature control between 180 Fahrenheit 425 Fahrenheit.
  • Is the price justified? Don’t confuse cheap for affordable!
  • What is the construction like? The best pellet grills are made of painted steel covered in a high-quality powder coat.
  • Does it fulfill my needs? Keep the size of your family in mind, the availability of space where you want to keep the grill, etc.

Traeger Silverton Pellet Grill

This model of wood-fired pellet grills was launched in 2018 as a special edition. Traeger Silverton pellet grill uses advanced technology to overcome the shortcomings in other Traeger pellet grill models.

Its main product specifications are:

  • 615 sq. inch grilling area
  • 20LB Capacity hopper
  • Gen2 motor and cleanout
  • 12″ Cast iron grate
  • Digital pro controller
  • Advanced grill logic cover
  • Drip Tray Liners w/ Extra Grill Rack

The following breakdown of its features will give you a better idea of how this Costco special edition is different from the rest.


Like other pellet grills made by Traeger, Silverton is also a masterful work of grace and quality. It features a digital temperature control that is convenient and safe to use. The pellet grill includes finely made cast-iron grates that are covered in clear and nontoxic coating. This means that your food is less likely to stick to the grill or ruin the look or smell of your food.

If you love to grill frequently but think that having a large grill will be a waste of space and money, then you should probably think of getting a Traeger Silverton pellet grill. This new edition has a hopper with the capacity to hold about 5 gallons of pellets. This is supported by a moderate-sized pellet grill structure which is perfect for a small family!

There is also a pellet dump at the back of the grill, so if you like using multiple types of wooden pellets, go for a Silverton!


If you have a knack for innovative designs that still capture the country vibe, then Traeger Silverton pellet grill will definitely impress you! It looks markedly different from other pellet grills produced by Traeger and other manufactures.

While it may not be attractive to look at, the Silverton pellet grill has some interesting physical characteristics. The most popular feature is the smoke vent in the back. This vent plays the same role as that of a chimney but is much more efficient. You no longer have to deal with any thick smoke either.

One shortcoming of the design is its smaller grilling capacity. This means that you will have to cook in multiple shifts if there is a larger quantity of food to grill. But you won’t be dissatisfied by the extra racks that come with the grill, so you can cook comfortably with all your ingredients in one place.


Traeger doesn’t fail to live up to its claim of providing affordable products. Despite being a special limited edition, Traeger Silverton pellet grill is not as expensive as you might expect it to be. It will cost you more than a traditional grill but way less than a similar pellet grill by another brand. In fact, Silverton is also comparatively cheaper than other models within the Traeger pellet grill category.


Being a limited edition, Traeger Silverton pellet grill is not as readily available online as the other Traeger products.  To buy this pellet grill, you will have to be very keen on your online search or reach out to a Traeger Grills customer representative to find out more.

Ease of Use

Since its launch, Silverton has been highly reviewed for its ease of use. Assembly process of a new pellet grill is made easy by a well-defined and clear operation manual. Additionally, the new design changes make it easier to clean the Traeger Silverton compared to its previous models.

This reduces the amount of time and costs that go into maintenance. So if you’re a clean freak, you should definitely consider getting yourself a Silverton!


The proportional size of the Silverton pellet grill makes it more portable than the other pellet grills. However, note that this edition does not feature wheels which can affect the maneuverability of the grill if it’s in use.


Traeger offers a 3-year warranty for its Silverton pellet grills that covers any defects to parts under normal use and maintenance.

Our Final Thoughts

The process of choosing a pellet grill can be overwhelming, but careful consideration of all the important factors can make it easier. Traeger Silverton pellet grill is one of the many options available in the market and this article highlights some of the most noteworthy features.

But the final decision is in YOUR hands!

The best pellet grill is the one that complements your lifestyle the most. Don’t compromise your needs and wants just because a pellet grill is cheaper or has a greater grilling capacity.

Traeger Silverton pellet grill is great for you if you love to grill on road trips, have a moderately sized family and can’t really spend on the more luxurious pellet grills. In other words, this pellet grill is worth every penny that it costs! Unfortunately, it’s only available at Costco which is why we’ve included these Traeger Silverton pellet grill alternatives.

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