Best Tractor Supply Pellet Grills: Top 3 Reviewed

Want to learn more about the best Tractor Supply pellet grills? You are in luck! This piece covers information about the most popular Tractor Supply pellet grills to help you decide if they are worth buying.

Best Tractor Supply Pellet Grills: Top 3 Reviewed

The 3 Best Tractor Supply Pellet Grills

We’ve found the three best pellet grills that you can get at Tractor Supply. Let’s take a look at the grills.

Trail Embers Pellet Grill


  • Large cooking area
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Good finishing


  • Only one-year warranty

The Trail Embers 28 in. Pellet Grill has a wide cooking area of 742 square inches, which helps ensure that there is plenty of room for you to cook a variety of food items, from steaks, beef cuts to whole chicken, turkey and more. With so much cooking space, you will have no problem preparing large barbecue meals on special occasions.

The primary cooking area has 550 square inch space, where the secondary cooking rack is detachable and adds an extra 192 square inch space. You can remove the secondary rack when you don’t need it and install it again when you want more room for grilling. The grilling grates are made from 7 mm stainless steel, coated with porcelain surface. The product’s beautiful finish enhances its visual appeal and protects the grilling grates from heavy rust and corrosion. The steel warming rack is also porcelain-coated and can withstand corrosion.

A prominent feature of the grill is the foldable front shelf, which provides adequate storage space for your accessories. You can fold it up when it is not required. With the foldable shelf, all of your ingredients, tools and accessories will be within your easy reach.

You will notice a thermometer mounted on the pellet grill’s lid. It allows you to take temperature readings from time to time and ensure that everything is happening according to plan.

The powder coat finish and heavy-duty steel construction indicate that the grill has been built to last. The grill’s components have a solid and sturdy feel, thanks to the use of thick gauge steel. Therefore, you can expect this grill to last for many years. In addition, the grill’s powder coat finishing offers an aesthetically-pleasing appearance and ensures that it can withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions. These features have been incorporated so that you can depend on the grill for several years.

Trail Embers’ also features a digital controller so that the grill can function consistently at the required temperature. Its hopper has a 10-pound capacity for hardwood pellets. You can set the grill to smoking mode at relatively low temperatures as it will generate sufficient amounts of smoke to impart a rich and authentic barbecue flavor to your meals. Also, the grill’s highly dependable ventilation system circulates the hardwood pellet smoke efficiently so that it permeates deeply into meats.

Although the grill has a considerable weight, moving it is somewhat less hectic due to its steel wheels. With so many features, high quality and consistent results, it is safe to say the Trail Embers 28 in. Pellet Grill won’t disappoint you!

Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill


  • Accurate digital temperature control
  • The grill body’s is powder coated and the steel grilling grates are porcelain-coated
  • Large cooking area
  • 5-year warranty


  • Quite hefty at 150 pounds

This Pit Boss Pellet Grill aims at giving customers the best value for their money. It has been designed to be practical and versatile.

The deluxe pellet grill features an impressive cooking space that spans over 1000 square inches. There are few pellet grills on the market that have a four-digit surface area at such a competitive price. With so much cooking area, this pellet grill is a natural choice for your cookouts, barbecue parties and family gatherings.

Featuring a two-tier grilling space, Pit Boss is an amazing pellet grill for you and your family. There is hardly any barbecue recipe that it won’t cook well. Whether it is prime ribs, steak, briskets, burgers, kabobs, shoulders, meatloaf, sausages, brats, whole chicken, seafood, whole turkeys, the Pit Boss grill can cook and smoke all kinds of barbecues with finesse. It also infuses an irresistible and tantalizing smoke flavor to meals.

Since this grill complements all types of cooking styles, it a flexible and versatile item. You can char-grill, barbecue, smoke, braise, sear, roast, bake, sauté and grill your food, as you like.

The pellet grill is driven by an automatic auger mechanism, which burns the right amount of pellets at the right heat levels. The digital controller is able to manage the grill temperature within a narrow range, as per the temperature that you have set. You can easily set the temperature between 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will just need to load the pellets and set the required temperature on the controller. The grill will then handle the rest of the work without any need for supervision or oversight. Just set it without any worries.

The grill also comes with a meat probe, so that you can be certain that the barbecue has reached the required temperature, thereby making it safe and delicious for consumption.

With the standard flame broiler, you can even cook your food over an open flame and char-broil it. The Pit Boss pellet grill is, therefore, much more flexible than other smokers, which often just allow cooking with indirect heat.

The grill components are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. With such structural strength, this pellet grill can work reliably for several years. In fact, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the grill, which will safeguard your investment for many years.

Last but not least, this grill comes with two wheels for you to it around without a hassle.

Camp Chef SmokePro SE Pellet Grill


  • Easy to use
  • Precise temperature control
  • High hopper capacity
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • 3-year warranty only

Although this pellet grill is one of the smaller models made by Camp Chef, it is loaded with features that are often found in the bigger and more expensive models.

The grill’s cooking space is 426 square inches. This is enough to cater to the needs of people throwing a small barbecue party. The cooking area may not be the largest, but it is sufficient for most purposes.

The grill has been engineered to ensure even temperature throughout the cooking surface. This eliminates hot and cold spots and allows chefs to grill food while maintaining consistency. Thanks to this useful feature, you can make a large number of food items to perfection!

The Camp Chef SmokePro also has a built-in meat probe, which is fairly uncommon in pellet grill models. It also has a temperature device on the lid so that you can ensure the right cooking temperature at all times.

When it comes to the grill’s cleaning, it offers a lot of convenience to users. This pellet grill has been designed to easily collect grease and allow quick ash removal. Once you are done with the cooking, the cleanup process won’t feel like a major hassle.

Similarly, its automatic ignition system is dependable as it starts the flames within a few moments to make the grill ready for cookout. You do not need to struggle with lighting a bright flame, which can be a tedious and unpredictable task.

The pellet hopper has an unusually large capacity, which is a great boon since it is able to sustain the grill nonstop for 8 hours on a full capacity 18-pound pellet load. The hopper is also tightly sealed to make sure that strong winds do not disrupt the grilling flame.

This grill runs only on hardwood pellet fuel. The company offers pure hardwood pellets without any harmful fillers or additives.

You can also easily control the temperature range of your grill, thanks to the simple and intuitive temperature control interface. Once you set the right temperature, the controller will help maintain the grill temperature. This ‘set and forget’ feature means you can truly enjoy the occasion with your friends and family without stressing over what’s cooking on the grill. There’s no need to monitor it all the time. Of course, this particular feature of the pellet grill will help save your time and energy.

While some pellet grills have problems with hitting high temperatures, the Camp Chef SmokePro can easily shoot up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without a fuss.

There are two wheels on one side of the grill, so that you can haul it over short distances without too much trouble. At over 100 pounds, the grill is not the lightest, but the wheels help reduce the burden of transporting the grill.

Finally, the grill comes with a 3-year warranty, which may not be the best in the market. However, it is still better than a lot of other brands that are available without warranty.

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