Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller Review

The Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller is one of the most sophisticated temperature controllers available on the market for Traeger wood pellet grills. This smart PID-based unit allows you to exercise full control over your pellet grill temperature and other settings.

Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller Review

It also has an intuitive interface, which is quite easy to use. To make your life even more convenient, most of the device’s features are self-explanatory.

Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller Overview


  • High level of precision in temperature control
  • Allows you to automate the entire grilling process
  • Minimizes temperature swings
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with a range of pellet grill brands


  • Some users may find its extensive list of features overwhelming

Which Pellet Grills Is the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller Compatible With?

The Savannah Stoker can work as a replacement unit for your OEM controller if it ever malfunctions. It can work seamlessly for all Traeger pellet grills except the Traeger PTG. It can also work for a wide assortment of other smokers, which include the following.

Apart from the abovementioned brands, you can also connect the device to other pellet grills. But, it may require certain modifications to ensure proper functioning.

What is PID?

Automated processes often make use of a PID controller as a loop feedback mechanism. The cruise control in your automobile is a good example of such an automated process.

As implied by the name PID, the controller works on the basis of three separate parameters: proportional, derivative and integral values. These parameters are expressed as ‘errors’ in temperature values. The error is the difference between the actual temperature and the required temperature. ‘P’ varies according to the current error, ‘I’ represents the effect of previous errors and ‘D’ estimates future error values. The auger runtime percentage is calculated based on these PID parameters.

Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller’s Features

Traeger pellet grill owners will find plenty of value in this feature-rich unit. Considering the vast array of features of this device, it really is the most advanced PID controller for many pellet grills. Here are some of the best features of this state-of-the-art controller.

Easy Installation

The controller’s installation is a simple process. It takes less than 10 minutes to do it. However, if you have to replace the temperature sensor RTD of the device, then the process can take twice as long. For this purpose, you will need a flat blade screwdriver and a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.

Wide Temperature Range

You can set the temperature of your pellet grill as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit and as much as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, keep in mind that if you want your pellet grill to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit, then you may need to make some adjustments.

With the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller, you can adjust the temperature within 1 degree accuracy. On the other hand, several other pellet grill models allow you to adjust the temperature knob to a limited number of predefined temperatures, as shown on their panels. If you want complete control over temperature settings, then you should not invest in these devices.

Fortunately, things work differently with the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller since you can adjust the temperature to any whole number within the temperature range. This controller provides demanding grill chefs all the precision that they could ever ask for.

Low-Temperature Swings

The quality of a pellet grill and the effectiveness of its control mechanism are indicated by the temperature swing. In other words, a smaller temperature swing implies a high quality grill.

With the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller, you can take your pellet grill’s performance to the next level. Temperature swings between 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit are typical for grilling above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are smoking below 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature swing is usually less than 15 degrees.

For a number of pellet grills, the temperature swings are twice the given numbers. If you don’t like significant temperature variations and expect better performance from your pellet grill, then it is not necessary to replace it. For a much smaller cost, you can install the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller and get the high-level grilling performance and tight temperature swings that you want from your pellet grill.

Cold Smoke Mode

You can deploy the smoke generator to cook your food at low temperatures by just running the fan in this mode.

Automatic Relighting

When the grill temperature falls under the set temperature, then the controller will automatically restart the fire. In case the fire does not restart, the cool down cycle will commence for safety purposes.

3-Phase Cooking Program

Depending on your grilling requirements, you can set the controller to three different phases: hold, smoke and cook. The versatile control gives you full control over grilling by allowing you to set the duration, as well as the temperature for all of these phases.

Food Probe

You can use the device as a standalone tool or to check the temperature of your barbecue grill.

Go Grill!

You can set this mode so that the grill can operate in full swing. The auger will run at full speed and burn the maximum amount of wood pellets so that your grill is hot enough.

Cool Down Cycle

Once the fan starts operating, the grill temperature comes down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, it stops running automatically.

Temperature Calibration

Using this mode, you can recalibrate the temperature for both the food probe and the grill sensor.

Fahrenheit and Celsius

The controller can display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on what you select.

220 Volt Compatible

Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller Modes

The Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller features four types of control modes, which include cold smoke, automatic, manual and programmable.

Cold Smoke

If you are cooking delicate items like seafood, use this mode. It includes the use of a fan. A smoking tube or another similar device is required to create smoke, which is delivered to the food by the fan. You can also use a pan of ice to keep the temperature down. The fan also circulates the smoke so that the food is infused with fresh smoke.

As always, you should begin with a clean grill. Prepare the food and place it on a rack. Light up the smoke tube and keep it on the rear corner of the grill towards the left. You may also keep a pan of ice to reduce the temperature further. When everything is in place as described, you can switch on the cold smoke mode.

Automatic Mode

Your pellet will function most of the times on this mode. The controller is set to automatic mode by default.

The automatic mode tries to keep temperature variations within a narrow range for high-level temperature control. However, the results may vary, according to the environment and weather conditions.

In this mode, the controller monitors the sensor temperature in the grill and compares its values with the set temperature. Depending on the difference between the two values, the controller calculates the cycle time percentage the auger should work. PID control software is used to find out this percentage to keep the temperature in the required range.

The controller automatically runs the auger for the minimum percentage of the cycle duration to keep the fire burning.

Manual Mode

Under the manual mode, you can modify the auger runtime percentage manually. Once you enter the manual mode, you can specify the percentage of the cycle duration for which the auger should run.

Programmable Cook Mode

Under this mode, you can program the grill so that it cooks automatically through three different phases: smoke, hold, and cook. Once you specify the time duration and temperature values for each of these phases, the controller will execute your commands automatically without the need for your oversight. All grilling phases can be automated this way.

The smoking phase is used to impart authentic barbecue smoke flavor and aroma to your meals. You can specify for how long and at what temperature the smoking process should take place. The pellet smoker will produce more smoke at lower temperatures.

When the smoking process is complete, the controller will automatically switch to the cooking phase. As you would expect, it cooks the food according to your specified temperature and time period.

The controller shifts to the hold phase after the cooking phase is complete. The purpose of the hold phase is simply to keep the food warm.

Our Final Thoughts

There is a lot that you can do with the Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller. You should definitely invest in one, especially if you need to replace a malfunctioning OEM controller.

The Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller is a popular choice due to its features, level of control and simplicity. It is well worth the investment because it offers the ultimate level of control over your pellet grill and minimizes temperature swings.

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