Rec Tec Pellets Review

In the world of grilling, countless hacks and tricks can help improve your overall meal. One of these includes grilling your meat over wood since wooden fumes add a brilliant flavor into the mix. This can include cherry, apply, hickory, or any flavoring. In either case, BBQ enthusiasts love using grill pellets to produce scrumptious meals.

However, if you’re new to grilling, then you’ll probably want to play it safe and look for an option that lets you improve your grilling skills. For this reason, we’re going to dedicate this article to reviewing RectTec Grills’ ultimate blend pellets.

Before we dive into our Rec Tec Pellets review, we are going to kick things off by advising our readers on how to purchase grill pellets.

Rec Tec Pellets Review

What to Look for in Grill Pellets

1. Natural or Not?

When you start looking for grill pellets, you start to notice that you have a choice to buy natural or unnatural. It’s not all that complicated really. If a packet is labelled natural, this means that the package hasn’t been blended with additives or natural fillers. Therefore, with these pellets, you will be burning-up 100% wood without worrying about any chemicals smoking into your meat.

2. Flavor

As we mentioned earlier, when you’re shopping for wood pellets, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the number of varieties available. A major part of your decision will have to do with flavor and you need to pick one that will do justice to your meat.

3. Quality and Size

The size of each pellet is also an important consideration because smaller pellets would mean that you will burn more to get an optimal fire going. If your pellets are too large, they may clog your grill’s coils.

Naturally, you will have to factor-in the quality of pellets as well. Cheaper brands claim to be of good quality, but their packaging is made-up of 50% saw dust. For this reason, we highly recommend that you do your research and search for a brand of pellets manufactured by industry experts.

4. Compatibility With Your Grill

Before you go out and hastily buy the first wood pellets you can get your hands on, try to find out whether these products are compatible with your grill. Most pellets tend to be compatible with outdoor grills and it doesn’t matter whether you have a brick, stone, electric, or gas model.

However, it plays to your advantage to make sure that your choice won’t ruin your grill. The best way of doing so is by reading the manufacturer’s instructions or asking a store clerk before purchasing a bag.

Now that you know how to buy wood pellets, it’s finally time for us to dive into our Rec Tec Pellets review.

Our Review of Rec Tec Pellets

Welcome to our Rec Tec Pellets review and we hope this article inspires you to find all the right BBQ products and grill like an experienced pitmaster.

This isn’t Rec Tec Grill’s first rodeo because this brand specializes in BBQ accessories and grills. If you’re looking for wood pellets that would burn to produce sublime flavor, Rec Tec Pellets are the way to go. If you take our word for it, these pellets are guaranteed to produce tasty BBQ results no matter what kind of grill you’re working with.

100% Natural

You’re going to come across a lot of wood pellets that are blended with extra additives and fillers, which only results in lessening the final flavor of the meat. In contrast, RecTec grill pellets are 100% natural and don’t include additional fillers. As a result, your meat is guaranteed to taste as if it has been cooked over exquisite hardwood.

Hickory and Oak Blend

If you’re really determined about finding a great way of improving the flavor of your BBQ meat, rest assured that Rec Tec pellets are going to work their magic for you. Their ultimate-blend pellets are made with 100% natural hickory and oak hardwood, and are blended to fuse your BBQ with truly mesmerizing flavors.

Compatible With All Grills

We’ve saved the best for last. These wood pellets work with A-L-L kinds of outdoor grills. Whether you’re working with an electric, brick, stone, or gas grill, these pellets are going to work just fine. Therefore, you can relax and do your thing knowing that your meat is going to get extra tasty each time you light up your grill.


  • Produce an elegant smoky flavor
  • Consistent quality across their products
  • 100% natural
  • Made with a 100% hardwood hickory and oak blend
  • Made very little ash
  • Sold in 40 lbs packages


  • The wood pellets may take a little longer to burn

Our Final Thoughts

Grill pellets are very popular among pitmasters because of the delicious meat they create. If you’re a beginner to the grilling world, we highly recommend that you try this product for your next BBQ.

Another thing to look forward to is that you’re going to come across a large variety of flavors that suit your tastes or can be experimented with when you feel a little creativity coming along. The most popular choice among Rec Tec Pellets are their Ultimate Blend pellets, and it is a great place to start if you plan on firing-up your BBQ every now and then.

We also genuinely hope that our Rec Tec Pellets review has inspired you to make the most of your BBQ and start trying out all the exciting extras available out there. Also, if you have any comments or questions regarding grilling with Rec Tec Pellets, leave a comment below.

Well, there you have it. All that remains to be said is, happy grilling and bon appétit!

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