Rec Tec Bullseye Review

If you’re in search of a brand new barbecue for your cooking escapades, Rec Tec’s Bullseye is one option you should definitely have a look at. If you prefer charcoal or wood grilling flavors but also the convenience of gas grills, this particular model is definitely worth considering.

While this model is honestly not much of a match for Rec Tec’s Smoker Grill Combo and Wood Pellet Grill, it certainly has its own benefits. Of course, the fact that it is stylish and never disappoints is why we’ve dedicated a whole post for a Rec Tec Bullseye review.

Our Rec Tec Bullseye Review

The fact that the Bullseye is one of the best gas grills offers a lot of convenience for shoppers. It features a lot of cooking space, a durable build, ease of use, awesome performance, and so much more.

rec tec bullseye review smoker grill

The Rec Tec Bullseye brings numerous benefits and neat features to your backyard barbecues. After you’re done reading our review, you’ll want to put your wings back in the fridge and pull out your steaks, hot dogs, veggies, hamburgers, and whatever else comes in between.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into the Bullseye and introduce you to everything it has in store for you:

Gas or Wood: the Choice Is Yours

Without a doubt, the best thing about the Bullseye is that it offers you the convenience of grilling with gas and still manages to produce that scrumptious charcoal flavor. What’s more, you can also get that smoky flavor into your meat because it doubles up as a pellet grill and burns wood pellets. All you need to do is light up its ignition system (quite like any other propane grill) and you’re on your way.

As you would expect, grilling with pellets is very effortless. Turning on the ignition, setting the right temperatures, and barbecuing on this model are all super easy. What we really loved in this department was that the grill burned wood pellets cleanly and produced a lot less harmful emissions as compared to charcoal.

Speaking of emissions, when using wood pellets, Rec Tec’s Bullseye doesn’t produce too much ash, which is a real convenience since no pitmaster prefers to clean out their grill once they’ve eaten a juicy steak.

Firing Up and Setting Temperatures

To turn on this grill, you can use the simple ignition button to switch it on and the user-friendly dial to set a temperature, and you’ll be ready to go. If you know your grills, you will also know that having temperature dials on wood-burning barbecues is quite rare, making it really cool.

Rec Tec grills can be fired up to any temperature between 200 degrees and 550 degrees. Whether you want to set it low and slow or prefer cooking at high speed, it can get the job done.

To measure its temperature, Rec Tec’s Bullseye features a very user-friendly dome thermometer. This thermometer has been placed in such a location that it can provide accurate readings. Gone are the days that you will have to put a steak on a grill when it is still cold and, with the Bullseye, all you need to do is quickly glance at the thermometer.

Another very cool feature is its HotFlash ignition system, which instantly set the pellets on file and lets the system reach its full temperature in just 10-minutes.

Hopper Capacity and Fuel

The Rec Tec Bullseye’s hopper can easily fit approximately 15-pounds of pellets which provide for more than 15-hours of cooking. The best part, however, is that the hopper automatically feeds in pellets as the previous batch burns away. All you need to do is open its lid, pour more pellets and leave the rest to the Bullseye.

This model’s hopper also features a secure latching system that makes sure your pellets stay exactly where they’re supposed to be. You don’t need to worry about the airflow while you’re working the grill, because the Bullseye also features an easy circulation fan to provide constant oxygen and to maintain very precise temperatures.

Build and Size

Since you trust our opinion, we believe one of the most impressive features of the Bullseye is its durability. The exterior features a porcelain enamel finish, and this is the best option for whatever you plan on barbecuing.

Rec Tec’s Bullseye has built a reputation to be very resistant to various kinds of chipping, including splintering, cracking, chipping, and of course, thermal stress. The grill itself has been manufactured with rugged metal.

All of this durability has been packed into a compact size, which also means that it is not meant to be used for massive family reunions and parties. This model can provide enough space for 5 to 7 people.

The cooking surface can easily fit up to 25 hamburger patties, which is actually quite impressive for its size. In addition, this grill is just the thing you need for your outdoor kitchen since it works perfectly for a slow-smoked BBQ feast.

Moreover, you will find that this model isn’t the heaviest or biggest grill in the industry and you can move it around very easily. Of course, the wheels at the bottom can speed up repositioning, especially when it starts to rain.

Our Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed in our Rec Tec Bullseye review, we have nothing but praise for this grill and it provides one of the best BBQ experiences we’ve ever come across. Sure, this grilling machine may lean a little to the pricier side, but the neat temperature control, power ignition and the real wood BBQ flavors in your meat more than make up for it.

If you’ve got a smaller group of people to feed and prefer the convenience of a gas-powered grill, take the Bullseye out for a whirl. You wouldn’t regret it!

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