Rec Tec 590 Review

The REC TEC 590 makes all the other grills available in the market appear outdated, owing to its sophisticated features, versatility, and convenience. Excellent build quality and careful design considerations allow it to excel compared to the competition. Rest assured, your money will be well spent buying an RT 590.

The grill provides a better taste than charcoal grills and is easier to use than a gas-powered cooking  apparatus. With the use of a button, you can smoke, grill, bake and even dehydrate, satisfying your barbeque cravings in just a few minutes.

The grill also features heat and smoke distribution. It uses the REC tech PID controller to maintain specific temperatures by using the auger speed and fan.

REC TEC 590 Review

The Stampede also has other great attributes such as the WiFi capability, grease management system, instant-read thermometer, and so on. The RT 590 is a durable product that will last you several years and is perfect for a family dinner or when you have a few guests over.


Here are some simple specifications for the REC TEC 590. These give a quick idea of how the REC TEC Stampede fairs against the competition.

Specifications for the REC TEC (RT-590) Stampede
Cooking Grates
Temperature 200ºF to 500ºF
Meat Probes 2
Weight 150 lbs
Automatic Shutdown Yes
Power Source Wood Pellet
Cooking Area
WiFi Control Yes
Smoke Vent Holes 3
Hopper Capacity 30 lbs

REC TEC 590​: Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality

The RT 590 is way ahead with regards to build quality. The grill makes use of 304 stainless steel for its barrels, handles, and other components. Instead of a steel rod, the Stampede uses ceramic ignition systems that facilitate a better service life and enhances the fire pot’s burning capabilities. The grill design also results in better airflow, allowing for easier cool down once the Stampede is shutdown.

The RT 590 uses a wood pellet grill that generally takes longer to assemble than gas and charcoal grills. However, REC TEC created an easy-to-use instructions manual for consumers to make assembly simpler than other wooden pellet grills.

Controller Type

The RT Stampede employs a PID control system to let you control the grill temperature in a precise manner. Using feedback from the cooking chamber and machine learning techniques, the PID controller can maintain the desired temperature.

The controller adjusts to the temperature outside to avoid overshooting or undershooting the.

Special Features

By combining the PID controller and WiFi capability, you can monitor and control the grill from anywhere in your house. The grill also comes with a thermometer that can be used with the Bull Pen. Moreover, Stampede’s control panel features an LCD that is visible in sunlight. A nod to its impeccable design, the shape of the grill is such that it circulates heat evenly around the chamber.

Large Cooking Capacity

The RT Stampede has a main cooking area of 592 sq. inches and an ancillary rack coming in at 180 sq. inches. Combined, the total cooking space available with this grill is 772 sq. inches. The RT 590 lets you cook two medium-sized turkeys at a time on its cooking racks.

The grill has one cooking level divided into two grates made of stainless steel. The metal conducts heat throughout the grill and is not meant to be a warmup rack like the ones found on conventional gas and charcoal grills.

Grilling Performance

The grill’s airflow is equally distributed due to its octagonal cooking chamber, which results in in uniform heat and fumes. The size of the grill is big enough to cook food for at least three people. The Stampede also includes a set of non-stick grill mats and extra wood pellets.

Easy Clean

Due to stainless steel construction, the grill is easy to maintain and keep clean. Also, the grill is not prone to corrosion. A tray is included along with the grill to catch debris, grease, and drip. This allows the users to save time on maintenance.

Proper Ventilation Vents

It is crucial to have a good exhaust system with any heating device. The RT 590 includes three vents on the cooking chamber’s lid, distributing the outgoing air to make sure a particular spot does not heat up more than it should.

Charcoal and Wood Flavors

You can also add charcoal or wood flavor to your food using the pellet grill smoke system. It can impart a unique flavor to your food compared to the traditional taste of food cooked on a pan or oven. It will also create that iconic barbeque aroma that will get people excited for food.

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the REC TEC 590.


  • Excellent build quality and materials
  • Modular construction
  • Proper heat ventilation
  • Octagonal Shape
  • Dependable cooking experience
  • High-Temperature RTV caulk
  • Charcoal/Wood flavor available
  • WiFi connectivity with PID controller
  • Wire ports come with rubber grommets


  • It could be difficult to move due to weight
  • It does not have a hopper purge function

Our Final Thoughts

The REC TEC 590 is a fine choice for families trying to have a barbeque party on weekends. The technology, easy to use design, superb heating power, and elegance of the machine make it suitable for diverse cooking activities.

Although the RT Stampede is not the cheapest option in medium-sized pellet grills, it certainly delivers a lot in terms of performance by virtue of its high-grade components. The company realizes that to build customer loyalty and deliver a great cooking experience, it needs to deliver value and quality by coming up with innovative designs such as the RT 590.

All in all, the REC TEC 590 is one of the best cooking grills available.

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