Pit Boss Pellet Grill Replacement Parts

So, a part of your Pit Boss pellet grill is not working? You do not need to panic or get frustrated. Here are some Pit Boss pellet grill replacement parts that can help you:

Stanbroil Replacement Barbecue Auger Motor

The Stanbroil replacement barbecue auger motor is a spare part to keep at hand since it can replace the burnt-out auger motor of your Pit Boss pellet grill.

The auger motor lies at the very heart of the pellet grill. It drives the automatic auger feed mechanism, which keeps the fire pit burning at the right temperature.


Pellet grills have reliable temperature controls and they can burn pellets automatically at the right rate without any need for oversight. As a result, they have a major impact on barbecue quality.

Thanks to these features, you can channel your time and energy on the barbecue instead of minding the fire pot. None of these conveniences and features are possible without the auger motor.

Even if your auger motor burns out, it does not mean that you will have to relinquish several key features of your pellet grill.

You can simply order this replacement motor from Amazon. This heavy-duty motor is compatible with all Pitboss pellet grill models. The 2 pole motor is designed to operate at 110 volts and 60 Hz. You can easily replace your old motor with this new one without much trouble since it is easy to install. You won’t have to wade through pages and pages of instructions. This dependable motor can operate under the toughest conditions without flinching.

You just need a few simple tools like 3/32 hex bit, adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver for installing this motor. You can check out YouTube videos that show a step-by-step installation process. The installation will take around 10 to 15 minutes.

When your old motor stops working, you can rely on this replacement motor to keep the fire going. The good times (and good food) will keep on coming.

Stanbroil Replacement Digital Control Board

If something goes wrong with your Pitboss digital display and control panel, do not worry. You can order the Stanbroil replacement digital control board to replace the malfunctioning panel and the grill will start working as if it’s a brand new machine.

This replacement part is designed for all Pitboss pellet grill models. It is compatible only with these pellet grills, so do not use it on any other brand.

The bright LED display is clearly visible and allows easy reading even under strong sunlight. This panel accurately displays the right temperature so that you can get the perfect barbecue.

You can also set the cool down cycle and other controls for easy, safe and delicious grilling. The auto-shutdown cycle lowers the amount of ash that accumulates in the grill and firebox.

You can adjust the temperature knob to 8 different temperatures, ranging from 200 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This replacement part will give you close control over temperature so that you can cook the best barbecue. What’s more, there are sixteen different smoke settings to infuse your meal with the right level of authentic barbecue smoke flavor. It gives you full precision so that you can have your best barbecue yet.

It is also equipped with an accurate electronic temperature measurement device, which is very easy to install. This electronic temperature gauge is much more precise and can maintain the temperature within the required range much more efficiently than manual temperature measuring devices.

Should your old display panel fail, then you can install this new and reliable replacement seamlessly in just 10 minutes.

You don’t even need an instruction manual for installation if you are observant enough. All you need to do is take a close look at how your old control board is installed and then fit the connections of this replacement part accordingly.

The customer service is also very good and responsive. In case you have any problems, you can contact the company representatives and they will cooperate with you so that your issue is resolved quickly.

Shinestar Grill Hot Rod Ignitor Kit

The Shinestar Grill Hot Rod Ignitor Kit is a complete assembly to replace the ignition rod if it fails.

The ignition rod sets the pellets on fire automatically once the pellet grill is switched on. Setting the pellets on fire can be a tedious and tricky task, ignition rods have been designed to do the hard work for you so that you can spend your time and energy where it is needed the most – in the barbecue itself.

This replacement part is compatible with all Pit Boss pellet grills. This hot rod has been designed to conform to OEM ignitor rods. This durable assembly will provide a long service life and is also easy to install.

The ignitor rod generates 200 watts of heat to set the wood pellets aflame. It is designed to operate at 110 volts. The wire has a generous length of 24 inches so that the ignitor rod can easily be installed at the bottom of the firepot.

The ignitor rod is activated as soon as you flip on the switch. It can set a fire in the wood pellets in a few moments every time you switch it on.

If your old rod has malfunctioned, then don’t worry. Order this replacement part and keep the fire going. You don’t have to resort to propane torches or liquid lighter fluids to get the flame started. This replacement assembly eliminates the frustration involved in ignition. Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

You should refer to the installation manual to see how much length of the rod should be in the firepot for dependable ignition.

The package also has an extra fuse so that you can install it immediately and resume grilling if the old fuse melts.

Stanbroil RTD Temperature Probe Sensor Replacement

Another dependable replacement kit by Stanbroil that seasoned and novice grill cooks alike can rely on when the original parts won’t work.

The Stanbroil RTD temperature probe sensor replacement works seamlessly for all Pit Boss pellet grills.

Since the temperature gauge is accurate and operates reliably, it is a good replacement for maintaining the temperature in the correct range. The kit comes complete with screws, 20 inch wire lead, 4 inch grill sensor and the RTD probe. The assembly also contains a 5mm by 20mm 5 amp fuse for electrical safety.

This device works by accurately reading the cooking area temperature and communicating the output value with the microcontroller, thereby allowing it to maintain the grilling area within a tight temperature range for consistent barbecue flavor and quality.

It is easy to install and works reliably, as advertised.


The ANGINSTAR Fire Burn Pot is a red hot replacement part that keeps the grill going even if your old fire pot no longer works. If has been designed to integrate seamless with all Pit Boss pellet grills.

The fire pot has 7 large holes to allow the influx of oxygen for sustained and reliable combustion of wood pellets. The sheet metal used is 14 gauge high-quality stainless steel. It has the necessary thickness to resist distortion and is light enough, so that it won’t be too cumbersome.

Screws have also been provided so that you can easily screw the fire pot in place without needing to go to the hardware store for extra screws.

The upper and lower parts of the fire pot have been molded for extra strength, quality and durability. Other replacement fire pots are welded, which can sometimes create quality issues, but this replacement part is different.

Our Final Thoughts

When your Pit Boss pellet grill starts having issues, don’t immediately decide to dump it for a whole new grill. Many times all your Pit Boss grill needs is a cheap replacement part. If you’re in need of replacement parts for your Pit Boss grill, look no further than Amazon. They have options for any part you’ll need for your Pit Boss grill. Instead of replacing your grill, look for replacement parts to make it fire up like the first time.

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