How to Cook Papa Murphy’s Pizza on a Pellet Grill: Love on a Grill

There is nothing quite like the smell of wood-fired pizza to draw both the young and old to the dinner table. If you want to learn how to cook Papa Murphy’s pizza on a pellet grill and become a grill chef celebrity – in your neighborhood at least – you’re in luck!

As you would know, pellet grills are versatile cooking appliances that can be used for an array of recipes and pizzas are no exception to this rule. With a pellet grill, you can create pies that are far tastier and flavor-rich compared to delivery pizzas.

Just remember, think outside the pizza box and use a pellet grill for best results. Here is how it’s done.

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How to Cook Papa Murphy’s Pizza on a Pellet Grill

1. Get Yourself a Pizza Stone or Pizza Steel

First, you need to purchase a pizza stone or pizza steel. These are simple tools for even heat distribution in your pizza. As the name implies, these tools are made from steel or stone and they allow the pizza to be cooked evenly to ensure it is crisp. They also work by drawing out extra moisture from overly wet areas in your pizza dough.

The pizza steel or pizza stone is essential for baking the perfect wood-fired pizza on a pellet grill.

2. Heat up Your Pizza Stone and Pellet Grill

Before introducing your Papa Murphy pizza to the pellet grill, you must ensure that the grill is at the right temperature along with the pizza stone. Using the temperature control dial, set your pellet grill between 480 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Position the pizza stone right in the middle of the primary cooking area of your pellet grill so that it too reaches the same temperature as your grill.

3. Remember to Use Parchment Paper for the Pizza

Although parchment paper is widely available for use in baking, few people know that it is invaluable for baking the perfect wood-fired pizza on a pellet grill. You can use parchment paper in the following manner for getting the perfect results. Cut out a section of parchment paper that matches the size of your pizza. Now place the pizza on the parchment paper and make any additional changes that you would like – such as extra topping or sauces.

Parchment paper will make cleaning up the grill much easier since it is moisture and grease-resistant. It is also great for preventing your food from sticking to hot surfaces, which can ruin the shape of your meal and undo your hard work. It has non-stick properties as it is silicone treated.

4. Start Grilling

Once your pellet grill and pizza stone reaches the required temperature, you can place parchment paper mounted pizza on the pizza stone. After the pizza is in place, you can tone down the temperature of the grill to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum cooking conditions.

After 5 minutes have elapsed, you should rotate your pizza on the pizza stone. Every time you do this, you will appreciate the role of the parchment paper in making perfect pizza – it won’t stick nor will it leave behind a greasy mess.

Your pizza will be ready in 7 to 8 minutes if you follow these instructions.

5. Enjoy Your Pizza!

The final step is also the most delicious and enjoyable. After you are done with baking the Papa Murphy pizza, you can take it out from the pellet grill and add extra topping, seasoning or garnish of your choice. It is now ready to eat.

You can try out several different pizza recipes using the pellet grill. Every time you will get delicious pizza infused with the taste and aroma of authentic barbecue flavor due to the wood pellet smoke.

Why You Should Use a Pellet Grill for Cooking Pizza and Other Recipes

The pellet grill is a versatile cooking appliance that you can use to create a wide array of recipes infused with hardwood smoke flavor.

Since it is such a flexible cooking platform, you can employ several different cooking styles for perfect results each and every time. You can barbecue, roast, smoke, grill and bake your favorite food items.

The superior taste of wood-fired meals is another key advantage of pellet grills. Hardwood pellets can dramatically improve the taste and aroma of just about any meal.

To improve your recipe, why not just try it on the pellet grill? Wood-fired meals have a much richer taste compared to meals prepared with cooking gas. You can choose from several different kinds of hardwood to impart a unique flavor to your meal. Pellet grill chefs may select pecan, mesquite, hickory, cherry, apple or even a blend of these different varieties. If you want exotic flavored meals, you should think about cooking your meals on a pellet grill using a selection of these wood pellets.

The temperature control is now so reliable and efficient that even novice cooks can prepare pellet grill meals, which taste as though it was made by an experienced grill chef. In fact, you can set the grill to the correct temperature settings and also enjoy chatting with your friends and family rather than having to mind the grill constantly. With modern pellet grills, you can focus your time and energy on the food rather than the device itself. The appliance will do the work for you and not the other way round.

In short, pellet grills are a priceless addition to your backyard that you can use to cook wood-fired pizzas and to improve your recipes.

Once you make the perfect pizza using your pellet grill, you will likely not want to go back to using a conventional gas-fired oven for your pizza. The best apart about this is that you don’t have to be an A grade pizza or grill chef to get this simple recipe right.

There are several additional tips and tricks that you can utilize to improve your wood-fired pizza even further.

Customize Your Papa Murphy Pizza

The beauty of ordering Papa Murphy’s pizza is that you can get custom-made pies that are tailored and personalized according to your unique preferences. It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all, unlike other delivery pizzas. You can tweak your pizza recipe to hit upon the perfect variety that will leave your friends and family as well as young and old pleading for more.

The taste of the pizza greatly depends on the topping. Experiment with different with different sauces and cheese varieties to find the match that you like best.

You can try out different crust thicknesses to find your sweet spot. Give your taste buds a joyride with delicious thick crust or treat them to perfectly crisp thin crust. You may even like something in between these two extremes.

Thankfully, with Papa Murphy’s pizza you are no longer at the mercy of limited choices that stare at you from the takeaway menu. You are in complete control to either create a meat lover’s delight or even a vegetarian masterpiece. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your pizza recipe.

Extra Protein Never Hurts

There is no need to be content with plain standard cheese pizza. You can add some delicious smoked barbecue to make your pizza meal even richer and rewarding.

Your pellet grill will be able to handle any type of meat that you put inside. Be it chicken, beef, different cuts of meat, veal, bison, sausage or pepperoni, the pellet grill will give you mouthwatering results. Considering the wide assortment of irresistible recipes that you can prepare with the pellet grill, it should indeed be treated as the most important backyard item.

Don’t Forget Your Vegetables

Even if you are vegetarian or prefer to limit meat consumption, you can still find much value in pellet grills since they are wonderful for cooking up all kinds of delightful vegetable recipes.

You can include fresh basil, black olives, peppers, mushrooms, onions and other colorful and flavorful vegetables to add zest to your next pellet pizza.

Leftovers Never Tasted This Good

Pizzas make for the best leftovers. While your kids might gag at other leftovers, they certainly won’t mind pizza from last night. Leftover pizza will be all the more irresistible if it is pellet grilled pizza.

However, you must get it right if you want to preserve your precious pizza. Remember to wrap your pizza slices in an air-sealed bag for the best results. This will do the trick for lunch or dinner the following day. You can use your pellet grill again for heating up the leftover pizza slices. Just set the grill to medium heat and take care that the slices don’t get burnt. Reheating won’t take you too long.

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