Members Mark Pellet Grill Reviews

Member’s Mark Pellet Grill is designed to meet all of your backyard grilling needs. It is well-equipped with features that will help you to make the ideal barbecue.

Members Mark Pellet Grill Reviews

You can depend on the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill for reliable smoking of all kinds of meats for authentic barbecue smoked flavor. Its design allows for uniform temperature distribution, which infuses food with irresistible flavors and aroma. The imposing grill features a state-of-the-art digital controller, as a well as sturdy heavy-duty construction. The cooking area is big enough for barbecue parties and large gatherings of friends and family.

But before committing yourself to this sophisticated pellet grill, you need to ask yourself some serious questions to see if this grill is well worth your money.

Are you interested in making smoking flavored barbecue? Do you love the delightful taste and aroma of smoke-infused barbecue? If your answer is yes, then you should read this review to find out what this smoker grill can do for you.

Pellet smokers are now becoming more popular than ever before because they allow barbecue chefs to craft the most delicious smoked meals with minimum hassle. Using traditional pellet smokers was not an easy task because pellets had to be added manually in the right amount for a suitable temperature range. This was quite daunting for new chefs in particular. Even experienced chefs had to bear with the inconvenience of manually adding pellets.

But with the advent of digital controllers, all of this has changed. Cooking the best smoke-flavored meals is now easier and more reliable. This is a boon for new grilling enthusiasts. Expert barbecue cooks also appreciate the convenience that comes with these digital controllers. Thanks to these devices, you can now focus on your barbecue with undivided attention. You can concentrate on grilling rather than minding the grill.

The sophisticated controls in the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill allow you to manage how much smoke permeates your food. This is an extremely valuable feature for controlling the smoke level and the final taste of your barbecue.

How Does a Pellet Grill Work?

Using the grill is very easy and straightforward. Member’s Mark Pellet Grill uses wood pellets for a unique smoking style. You simply need to add the pellets to the hopper and adjust the temperature control. The automatic feed system will handle the rest. Once you have loaded the pellets and set the required temperature, there is no need for any human intervention.

The auger automatically adds pellets into the fire pit below the grilling surface. The pellets are ignited with a hot rod. This starts a fire which is then sustained and kindled with a fan. The fan sets up a convection current of hot air which heats food on the grill surface evenly.

There is also a grease collection system which channels drippings to reduce the risk of flare-ups. Not only is this an important safety feature, but it also makes the grill easier to clean up after it is used for cooking.

Key Features of the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill

Whether you are a professional barbecue chef or a backyard grilling aficionado, you can gain plenty of value from the rich features of the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill.

Grilling Grates

The model comprises 3 grilling grates that are made from 6 mm thick porcelain-coated rods. The steel rods on the grilling grates have porcelain finishing which resists corrosion even at high temperatures. You can rest assured that the high-quality surface will extend the service life of the grill and minimize the buildup of heavy rust.

As an added bonus, the porcelain finish provides the grill with a touch of class and visual appeal. The attractive black coating will make the grill a beautiful part of your backyard that you can be proud of. The grill can also withstand harsh weather thanks to this surface finish.

Construction Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most striking aspects of this grill is the high quality that you gain in return for the price. Many grills on the market are overpriced and carry a price tag which can go up to twice the value of this model. The Member’s Mark Pellet Grill, however, has a very economical price. The gauge and quality of steel employed in the model is excellent compared to cost. You won’t find any component that is too thin or flimsy. Even the drip pan has a fairly thick gauge and is well supported.

Cooking Area

The primary cooking area is 550 square inches, whereas the secondary cooking area is 201 square inches. This represents an aggregate area of 751 square inches, which is sufficient for feeding large gatherings and barbecue parties. The grill also features a warming rack which keeps your food warm until it is ready to be served. This rack is made from stainless steel coated with porcelain for corrosion resistance.

LCD Display and Digital Control

The Member’s Mark Pellet Grill has an LCD display to show the temperature of the grill. Adjusting the temperature is as simple as turning the dial. The Member’s Mark Pellet Grill allows you to control the temperature with a high level of precision to bring out the best flavor in your meals.

Grilling Modes

You can set the LCD interface to two different modes to adjust settings according to your grilling requirements. These two modes are cook mode and smoke mode. As you would expect, the smoke mode will create a smoky barbecue flavor in your meals.

You can control the smoke flavor by adjusting the smoke mode to one of 5 different levels. The smoke mode is set to the mid level by default.

In the cook mode, you can adjust grill temperature simply by turning the temperature dial located under the LCD panel. You can set the dial between 1800 F and 3000 F for slow cooking at lower temperatures. You can also set the temperature dial between 3250 F and 3750 F. Whatever temperature you select is shown clearly on the LCD panel.

Other Features

The hopper can hold up to 10 pounds of wood pallets. This is the only fuel required by this grilling model.

The front portion of the grill has a foldable shelf which adds convenience to your cooking experience. It can be used as a temporary storage space for your tools, sauces, and ingredients. There is also a lower shelf which provides extra storage space.

The grill model is supported by four legs. Two legs have rubber stoppers while the other two legs are fitted with wheels at their ends for greater mobility. At 116 pounds, this is not the most portable grill, but the wheels will make it easier for you to shift the grill over small distances.

What Can You Grill with a Member’s Mark Pellet Grill?

You can grill almost anything you like with the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill. This model is ideal for all kinds of traditional barbecue items like sausage links, thick-cut steaks, burgers, fish fillets, racks of ribs and much more. The grill can also be deployed for more unusual uses like preparing vegetables and smoking beverages like whiskey, tea, and beer.

Seasoned chefs and experts are already using this grill for these and other less common purposes with success. Depending on your culinary expertise, you can use this versatile grill in many different ways. You can smoke any edible item that you desire to infuse a rich smoky flavor. It can be used for solid and liquid edibles, and also for a variety of tastes such as sweet, salty and savory.

If you have been using gas, infrared or other common grills, you will be delighted by the authentic smoky barbecue flavors created by the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill. The same items that you have been barbecuing with a gas grill will have a completely different and irresistible flavor with this pellet grill. In fact, the most expert barbecue chefs and connoisseurs are pleased with nothing less than a pellet grill. The richness of flavor and aroma created by this pellet grill cannot be matched by other common gas grills.

Our Final Thoughts

The Member’s Mark Pellet Grill is a really good bargain considering the mix of features, performance and construction quality you are getting for the relatively inexpensive price tag. This grill model is suitable for novices and experts alike since it not only simplifies pellet grilling, it adds much convenience with its automatic feed mechanism allowing you to focus on the food rather than the machine. With the Member’s Mark Pellet Grill, you can craft the most delightful and authentic smoke flavored barbecues and show off your grilling prowess in front of admiring friends and family.

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