How to Smoke Lamb Ribs?

If you’re looking for a delicious cut of meat to cook for your barbecue, you can’t go wrong with smoked lamb ribs. They will be a hit in any barbecue event, and you will find your guests licking their fingers to get the aftertaste of the delicious meat and its sauces. It is incredibly flavorful and is rick and fatty enough that you won’t need to serve large portions to your guests.

How to Smoke Lamb Ribs?

The best way to serve lamb ribs is to smoke them, and you can do that perfectly within 3 hours. The only problem you can face with lamb ribs is that they can be a little difficult to find in the market. The main reason is that they are known by various names such as lamb breast, lamb belly, and lamb ribs. So, even if they are right in front of you, they can be hard to pick in the market.

However, the best advice that we can share when shopping for lamb ribs is to ask your local butcher for them. They will know precisely what you are looking for and will prepare them for you in the best manner so that you can perfectly smoke lamb ribs for your barbecue. They also don’t cost you a lot of money, which is part of the appeal of lamb ribs in the market today.

Why Choose Lamb Ribs for Your Barbecue?

The answer to this question is an obvious one. They are super-delicious and extremely easy to barbecue. You won’t need to wrap them in anything, and you won’t need to continually hover over the cooker or the grill when smoking them. Also, because lamb ribs are smaller in size compared to other meat cuts, you won’t take a long time preparing them.

Ideally, you will have smoked lamb ribs ready to eat in only 3 hours, which is precisely what some people are looking for when they are preparing meat for a barbecue event. All you need to do is get the proper seasoning for the lamb ribs, and they will be ready to be consumed for your barbecue. You will also need a good smoker or grill to cook them on.

When smoking lamb ribs, you should choose a smoker that burns wood since this is the best type of smoker and offers the purest barbecue flavor you can imagine. The key to enjoying smoked lamb ribs is in their preparation, and there are several ways you can go about it. However, we want to keep things short and to-the-point; so, we will share our tips for preparing lamb ribs.

Tips for Barbecue Smoked Lamb Ribs

If you want to get an extra kick of flavor from your smoked lamb ribs, you need to ensure that you are using the right ingredients. Using Dijon mustard and applying a light coating to the lamb ribs will ensure that you get just the right amount of flavor. Now, let’s get down to the ingredients you will need to smoke lamb ribs. These include the following:

  • Three racks of lamb ribs that weigh around 1 to 1.5 pounds each
  • 3 to 5 tablespoons of your preferred seasoning
  • 1 cup of water
  • ¼ cup of cider vinegar

These are all the ingredients that you need, which makes it no surprise that so many people think about preparing smoked lamb ribs for their barbecue. Now, let’s get down to the brass tacks and discuss how you should go about preparing barbecue smoked lamb ribs. Here is what you need to do:

Preheat the Smoker

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the smoker has been fired up and is ready to cook your lamb ribs perfectly. You don’t want a cold smoker if you want the perfect flavor and juiciness from your lamb ribs.

Prepare the Lamb Ribs

Now, once you have preheated the smoker, you should quickly go about your task in preparing the lamb ribs for the smoker. If required, you should pat down the ribs with a paper towel to ensure they are completely dry and don’t have any moisture on them. That will also help you apply your seasoning more evenly on the lamb ribs.

Once the lamb ribs are dry and free from all moisture, you should get your hands dirty and lather the seasoning all over the ribs. Make sure that you rub it nice and gently into the skin so that it is completely covered all over.

Place the Lamb Ribs Over the Smoker

After you have seasoned and prepared your lamb ribs, the next step is placing the lamb ribs over the smoker to cook. Lay them down with the bony side facing down on the smoker. Get a spray bottle, and add your cider vinegar with water here. You will need to sprinkle the lamb ribs once every 30 minutes when cooking on the smoker.

Test the Ribs for Firmness to Check If They Are Ready

When you are smoking lamb ribs, there is no set temperature that you can check to ensure that the ribs have been cooked to perfection. It takes an estimated 3 hours to perfectly smoke lamb ribs, and you should go by that. Additionally, you should test the firmness of the meat by pressing down on them. If you can easily probe them and face no resistance, that means the meat has become tender and cooked.

Serve to Guests

The great thing about lamb ribs is that you don’t need to leave them to rest. They are incredibly thin, and you can eat them as soon as they are ready. All you need to do is slice them and serve.

Our Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: your guide on how you should smoke lamb ribs. As you can see, it is pretty simple, and you don’t need to try any complicated techniques to cook the racks. So, follow this guide the next time you want to serve smoked lamb ribs at your barbecue event.

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