How Much Do Infrared Grills Cost?

It is common knowledge that infrared grills are expensive. Grills can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the brand, type, and model. The good thing is that several brands offer quality grills. This article will break down the different types of infrared grills and determine if they are worth the cost.

What Are Infrared Grills?

These are grills that use infrared technology as the fundamental heat source instead of an open flame. Radiant heat from the grill provides direct heat and cooks the meat evenly.

On the contrary, open source heat grills use charcoal for heat distribution. The heat distribution in open-source heat grills is usually uneven.

How Much Do Infrared Grills Cost?

Infrared grills also need energy from the infrared source to heat up and reach the required temperatures for grilling. Therefore, they use a natural gas element or propene to achieve these temperatures.

There are three major types of infrared burner systems. These are:

Ceramic Infrared Burner

It is the most used burner system. The ceramic infrared burner emits small flames that heat up rapidly and cook the meat evenly. The temperature of the burner can get up to 1000° F.

Radiant Glass Panel System

There is a standard system for grills manufactured by TEC. The cooking grid is above a radiant glass panel which is above a durable stainless steel burner. The system provides heat of up to 900° F.

Heat Emitter System

These grills have a tube burner (stainless steel) and a metallic heat emitter panel with a cooking grid on top. The system produces lower temperatures than the others, with the highest producing 600-700° F.

What Are the Pros of Investing in an Infrared Grill?

The infrared grill has many advantages that anyone will enjoy when grilling. Let’s look at the significant benefits you will derive from acquiring one.

Fast Preheat Duration

There is no need to wait for charcoal to heat up for many minutes on an infrared grill. The grills preheat in about 3-5 minutes, saving you time and energy.

Cook Time Is Reduced

Infrared grills have extremely high temperatures as well as direct heat. As a result, you will enjoy grilling, which results in a fraction of the duration used in open flame grills.

These grills can help, especially if you avoid grilling due to long cooking times. An infrared grill is your solution.

Evenly Distributed Heat

If you have ever grilled with open heat or gas, you will notice that there are usually spots of high heat and of low heat. If your experience of grilling is limited, this results in a burger or steak that is unevenly cooked.

On the contrary, infrared grills are designed so that there is even heat distributed at all times. Therefore, you are always assured of a mouth-watering steak that is evenly cooked.

The Meat Is Juicer

Meat is composed of a moisture barrier that you should not break. The meat becomes chewy, dry, and undesirable if the moisture barrier is broken by hot air.

It would be easy to presume that a grill that offers higher temperatures, in this case being infrared grills, would be culpable for drying the meat. However, these grills use infrared energy as opposed to hot air. Therefore, the meat moisture remains the same.

Expert Searing

Ever wondered why infrared grills are standard in most steakhouses in the world? They are the best grills for meat searing because of their high temperatures. You will enjoy crisp grill lines seared on your barbeque with an infrared grill.

Energy Efficiency

Infrared grills use less gas to heat up. You will therefore save on energy and money while grilling more.

Safer to Grill

Unlike gas grills, infrared grills do not pose a significant challenge to flare-ups due to their designs.

Easier to Clean

Infrared grills are easier to use compared to gas or charcoal grills. They come with a self-cleaning feature, and at high temperatures, any crumbs left on the grill turn to ashes.

Brands Breakdown on How Much Infrared Grills Cost

It is worth noting that infrared grills are pricey. Depending on the type, brand, and model size, some grills cost thousands of dollars. The following are some of the brands you can consider and their prices.


These grills are available at various prices and sizes to suit any grilling budget. They offer rigid materials and a warranty of a lifetime.

They are suitable for both BBQ pros and new enthusiasts of barbequing. The price ranges from $300-$9,000, and there are many options.


This is a luxury model of infrared grills. The Lynx grills are created with commercial quality materials, and they offer a great warranty.

The grills are also made in the US. Therefore, if you are a BBQ enthusiast who wants to invest on a substantial budget, this is the grill. The models range between $2,000 and $3,000.


These are the inventors of the infrared grill. You will not have to worry about flare-ups since the grills are 100% infrared heat. The price for these grills is $1,500-$6,000.


The brand offers different models of grills varying from 2 to 4 burners. The grills are known for their compact sizes and TRU-infrared grill models. The price is on the lower end, ranging from $3oo to $1,000. As stated by customers, the downside lies in difficulty in cleaning the grill.


If you are a novice griller and new to barbequing, this is your grill. The grill has many features, including a battery-powered ignition. The price ranges between $300 and $400.

Are Infrared Grills Worth the Cost?

Most infrared grill owners will swear that nothing comes close to these burners’ convenience, ease, speed, and unbeatable results. Some say that the burners do not provide better quality than traditional grills.

We, however, believe the grills are worth every penny. You will enjoy mouth-watering meat cooked at a fast speed and enjoy all the numerous benefits that come with infrared grills.

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