How Much Do Gas Grills Cost?

For you to be able to grill some yummy barbecues in your backyard for your family and friends or even for yourself, you will need to have a great grill. Gas grills easily turn on with a touch of a button and can provide constant heat for hours at a time, allowing the cook to create a backyard barbeque without the hassle  of messy ashes or charcoal.

How Much Do Gas Grills Cost?

Gas grills are  fueled by small propane cylinders or home natural gas lines.

So, how much do gas grills cost?

Movable  gas grills that are designed to cook for one or two people cost around $100 to $300, while small two burner units with wheels go for around $300 and $600,or even more, depending on the brand, features and materials. A full-sized four or six-burner grill can cheaply cost $1000 to $1,500 or more, depending on its fanciness.

Expect to dig deep in your pockets for grills with extra features such as side tables with burners for pots, infrared searing elements and electronic thermometers with smartphone connectivity.

Best Gas Grills For You To Consider

Dyna-Glo 4-Burner: Best gas grill for beginners

The Dyna -Glo 4 Gas Grill is large, bold and designed  to last for  a short period of time, but that does not mean that it won’t be of help to cook up some burgers in the course of time. The Dyna-Glo is the best gas grill on a budget, offering a large space for cooking, with four 12,000 BTU burners covering 461 square inches of grill rack.

It also comes with 136 square inches of rack space, making this gas grill more ideal for your budget. It has an inbuilt thermometer, two side tables, a sliding grease for easy cleaning, and a twist ignition. The rack is also porcelain-enamelled, giving it an easy, clean touch.

Since it is less than half the price, dont expect the Dyna-Glo 4-burner to last you for long.

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Gas Grill.

The Char-Broil Performance Series 4-burner Gas Grill is loved for its huge cooking space of up to 475 square inches, which is more than enough to hold 20 burger parties at a time.

This grill is made of porcelain-coated iron, which many consider an improvement from the stainless steel used on many gas grills.

Its heat stability is splendid on the Char-Broil Performance Series 4-burner gas grill, gaining straight  back up to its prime cooking temperatures shown on the thermometer once you close the lid.

In general, the Char-Broil 475 burner is a great performer with lots of useful features for the price.The gas grill is easy to clean and low on flare-ups.

Weber Q1200: Best portable gas grill

If you are on the move a lot, be it camping or spending time with your family and friends, the Weber Q1200 Gas  grill has got you covered for all your grilling needs.

It is super-compact and performs great. In fact, we think it is the best compact propane gas grill you can buy, both in terms of quality and overall performance.

Despite being small enough to even fit in your car, its pack comes with a 189 square inch of grill space, a stainless burner ring for 8,500 BTU of power and a lid with an inbuilt thermometer that does a great job of hindering any wind.

The Weber Q1200 Gas gas grill is a great ideal for a couple or family that wants to save space in a small garden. It might not be the cheapest, but it does have a warranty and it is easy to clean too.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Gas Grill For You

We have rounded  up the key features you will need to consider when purchasing a gas grill. They are:

Grilling area

If you are cooking for a crowd, then opt for a grill with a large cooking area to avoid keeping your guests waiting. Look for grills that can cook between 3 and 7 burgers at the same time. This is enough for the average family.


Design is an important aspect to look for, not just for looks but practically too. Most grills have stainless exteriors, a hard wearing choice that can withstand changes in the weather without rusting, tearing or wearing out. Ensure to clean the grill properly to keep it in good shape.


Before buying a grill, consider whether you plan to keep moving it from place to place. If there is a possibility you will move it around, consider purchasing one with roller wheels, otherwise you can go for heavier models such as the Char-Broil Performance.

Planning to take your grill on the road? In this case, a medium sized grill such as the Weber Q1200 is a sound of choice for you since it’s compact enough to fit in your car.

Heat consistency

Tired of barbecued food that’s charred on the outside and raw on the inside? Picking a grill with efficient  heat distribution will have you bid goodbye to this problem. However, if you still experience issues, keep your cooking close to the centre of the burner where the heat is uniform.

How Much Do The Best Gas Grills Cost?

The best gas grills range in price with premium models coming at thousands of dollars. The best news is that you can get a good option without having to pay through the nose. Expect to spend roughly between $150 to $500.

How Long Does a Gas Grill Last For?

Although gas grills can last a long time, the high temperatures could make you notice some wear and tear over the years. Worry not, as in most cases a simple repair can keep your barbeque going for years to come. This could save you from the struggle of replacing it and you won’t have to shell out for another one.

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