How Much Do Charcoal Grills Cost?

Nothing beats grilled meat, whether chicken, briskets, turkey, or fish, eaten outdoors in the hot summer months. You’ll appreciate the smoky flavor given out by a charcoal grill on meat, topped up with vegetables and some seasoning to go along with the serving.

How Much Do Charcoal Grills Cost?

When it comes to picking a charcoal grill for your unforgettable summer months, one thing that comes to mind is the cost. How much charcoal grills cost depends on the space, size, and design.

Small, portable grills are some of the cheapest ones available; you can go camping with them easily. They fit in the typical trunks of most cars. The backyard kettle grills are less mobile but start at a higher price than the typical portable grills. They will do the job well in an ordinary backyard.

High-end charcoal grills don’t come cheap; they’ll set you back financially. However, if their names are anything to go by, you’ll get top services from them in terms of durability and when in use. Here are some intrigues about charcoal grills, including their costs.

What Are The Typical Costs Of Charcoal Grills?

Starting at the lowest end are the portable charcoal grills for picnics and outings. You can also tag them along for tailgating parties and road trips while fitted at the back of your trunk.

Small Charcoal Grills

On average, the small and portable grills go for about $30 on the lower side in many stores. As the quality and designs improve, they can go for up to $100 on the higher side.

Small grills come in many designs and shapes. Many stores stock ones that reach 17” tall on average and have a width of up to 14.25”. Their depths almost match the widths, standing at 14.5”.

Cheaper charcoal grills that go for $30 are prone to rust, which makes them unsightly when in use for a short time. For the premium ones in the small grill class, you can get one coated with silver or gold that lasts for a long time.

Locking heads are some important features in the premium grills in the small category; they help lock the smokers to make them fit easily in car trunks.

Small charcoal grills have their downsides; they cannot serve many people in one cooking. However, they’ll accommodate burgers and kebabs for small gatherings on camping sites or on a picnic well. One common item used to make small grills is sheet metals, which are cheap to assemble.

On the higher side, small charcoal grills use cast iron as the major assembly material, which can have a price tag of up to $150. Cast iron is durable and can serve you for a long time. The high-end ones in the class are up to 2” longer than those going for $10 a unit. Their typical sizes are 19” long, a width of up to 10.24” and a height of about 8.25”

Mid-Sized Charcoal Grills

The mid-sized selection of charcoal grills offers better performance and supports a larger serving in one cooking. Grills in this range start from $50 and go for as high as $250. The mid-sized sizes are better than typical portable charcoal banners because they provide the real barbecue experience, with the ability to accommodate large gatherings in one go.

Some in the class have wheels at the bottom to make them move around easily. In addition, some come with kettle-shaped legs that allow air to increase the heat intensity reaching the meat on top of the grill. Their wider bottom shape is also a reason why they can burn continuously for longer than small charcoal grills.

High-End Charcoal Grills

The higher-ends do not come cheap; they go for as high as $550. The material making them is part of the reason for the price. Another reason is that they provide quality heating and smoking to give your meat that perfect smoky flavor.

Top charcoal smokers have additional components such as propane gas lighters, thermometers, and trolleys that are capable of holding food. The built-in thermometers are responsible for heat regulation, while the gas lighters move a point above traditional charcoal grills that use newspapers to start a fire. Larger high-ends that serve crowds generally cost up to $600 and are excellent for outdoor kitchens.

In the extreme high-end category are charcoal smokers that go for up to $3000. Premium grills typically have stainless steel enclosures, with a touch of heavy-duty grills on top. The high ends are a luxury item and come in many sizes and shapes. You can get a grilling surface of up to 20″ with a height of up to 44″. The design in this category is overwhelming, and you could pay more to have a custom-made one.

What Next after Identifying a Charcoal Grill to Buy

Now that we know the average costs of various charcoal grill classes, it is meaningful to know that some come ready for grilling from the box, while others require little patience for the store to assemble them for you.

For the assembled pieces, make sure the store includes vents at the top and bottom. The vents will enable you to vary the various degrees of heat and smoke that reach your meat.

Depending on your retailer, you might need an additional $5 to $15 for lighter fluid. You can always substitute the lighter fluid with a chimney starter to help start your charcoal if you don’t fancy the taste of lighter fluid.

Some heavy charcoal grills remain outdoors entirely. However, to give them additional protection from harsh weather beyond the typical stainless steel coating, you’ll need a cover, which goes for about $5 to $60.

Most grills need spatulas, skewers, meat thermometers, forks, and tongs that need an extra $20-$250 on top of the buying price. The spatulas help rotate your meat, while the meat thermometers gauge the internal meat temperatures to signify that the cooking is ready. So the additional tools are all essential.

You can also get a tremendous discount in big stores if you watch out for offers in advertisements. Offers have a huge impact on how much charcoal grills cost.

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