How Many Pounds of Ribs to Cook Per Person?

When planning to entertain guests and host a barbecue party, you already have many things on your mind, and then you add the pressure of ensuring there will be enough food to feed everyone. One question that springs up is “how many pounds of ribs to cook per person?” It can be tricky to know how much food everyone will consume and how many ribs you should have for your barbecue party.

How Many Pounds of Ribs to Cook Per Person?

If you want the answer to that question, you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place. We will share some guidelines that will ensure your guests don’t go home hungry, and your barbecue party is a resounding success. Read on if you want to know how many ribs you should cook per person.

Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Making Ribs

The key to properly planning a barbecue party is to ask yourself some key questions well in advance. That will ensure you are prepared for all guests and have enough meat to feed everyone. When you want to determine how many pounds of ribs to cook per person, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

What Side Dishes Do You Plan to Serve?

To ensure everyone eats their fill and you don’t have any food shortage, you should plan your menu in advance. Keep in mind that you will need to serve less meat per person if you have several side dishes. Also, there are different types of side dishes, and if you have heavy sides like macaroni and cheese and potato salad, these will fill up guests faster than coleslaw and green salad.

Will You Offer Desert Afterwards?

Your guests will want to leave room for any sweet treats you plan to offer after the main dishes. So, if you plan to serve a decadent and heavy dessert, you should scale back on how much meat you will serve per person.

Will Ribs Be the Only Meat You’re Serving?

It’s a good idea to consider offering other meat dishes such as beef brisket or chicken wings, which will mean that you won’t need to cook more pounds of ribs per person. It will also give your guests more choices and ensure that you have something for everyone.

Do You Know the Eating Habits of Your Guests?

The number of guests you have invited and their eating habits will give you a good indication of how many pounds of ribs to cook per person. For instance, your golf partner and office mates will consume more meat than your uncles and aunts. It would be best if you also kept in mind that young children and teenagers will consume about half as much meat as adults.

When Are You Hosting the Gathering?

Are you planning to host your barbecue in the evening or at lunchtime? People will generally consume food if you are hosting your barbecue at dinner time. Also, keep in mind how long you expect the party to last because if the guests hang around for hours, they will eat more food to pass the time.

Will You Serve Alcohol?

If you are planning to serve alcohol, you should know that when people drink, they are more likely to overeat. You should plan on cooking 15 to 20 percent more pounds of ribs per person if you plan on hosting a wild party.

The Basics of How Many Pounds of Ribs to Cook Per Person

When you’ve figured out your entire menu, it is time to decide how many pounds of ribs to cook per person for your barbecue party. It would help if you acquainted yourself with the general rule of ½ pound of meat per person. However, this doesn’t apply to ribs, and you can expect that one pound of ribs will produce 1 to 1 ½ serving. Even though this is valuable information, this shouldn’t be the defining factor in your overall decision.

If you are serving several side dishes along with dessert, you should plan to serve four or five ribs per person. That should be enough meat for them because a full rack of ribs tends to have 12 to 14 individual ribs on it. That means you will need to buy around four racks of ribs if you expect to entertain ten people at your party. You will also manage to ensure you have enough meat for people with large appetites, and you won’t run out of ribs at your party.

However, if ribs are the main course at your barbecue party, and you are planning to serve lighter side dishes, then you can increase the number of ribs to cook per person. It would be best if you planned to serve about half a rack or six to seven ribs per person in such cases.

You should also keep in mind that baby back ribs are smaller when compared to spare ribs. Therefore, you must plan to serve at least half a rack per person if you are serving baby back ribs, even if there will be plenty of side dishes that go along with them.

Our Final Thoughts

Planning in advance is the secret to hosting a successful barbecue party, and that means planning for how much food you will serve at the party per person. You want all your guests to be happy, and therefore, it would be best to buy extra pounds of ribs to cook per person.

You can always reheat and eat ribs after the party, but what you don’t want is to run out of ribs in the middle of the party. By following the guidelines, we have mentioned, you will easily know how many pounds of ribs to cook per person for your next barbecue party.

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