How Long Do Gas Grills Last?

Grilling is a very crucial part of our society. The practice started many years ago and has been passed down from one generation to another. Most grills are usually charcoal grills or gas grills, and there is the latest trend of infrared grills. However, our primary focus will be the gas grills. We will look at how long a grill lasts and how you can extend this duration, among other things.

Average Lifespan Of A Gas Grill

Typically, Americans dispose of their grills earlier than they should. The average griller gets to replace their grill after about three years. But this shouldn’t be the case.

Having repairs that are timely and routine maintenance will increase the longevity of your grill by many more years. Appropriate care and proper cleaning can make a gas grill operate efficiently for 5 to 15 years.

How Long Do Gas Grills Last?

It will help to note that not all gas grills are equally made. Inquire about the warranty of a piece before getting one. You can get good warranty deals with some grills offering up to ten years on labor and parts. Other grills such as Saber may offer warranties of up to five years on all products.

What Affects the Life Expectancy of Your Grill?

The life expectancy of your grill boils down to how you use it. The disparity between a gas grill that lasts for many years and the one that lasts for only a few years is dependent on your habits. Also, the brand has a hand in the matter.

As advised earlier, settle for ones with higher warranties. All in all, your behavior is the key to a long-lasting gas grill. Below are some of the factors that directly impact your grill.

Cleaning the Grates

When you clean the grates, you will extend the lifespan of your grills and, at the same time, cook great food. Ensure to use soapy water and a wire brush to eliminate all the leftovers, easy peasy.

Exterior Wiping

You should constantly wipe the outside of your grill. This ensures that there is no development of rust and that the machine’s lifespan is increased.

Checking Burner Tubes

Please make sure you check your burner tubes and clean them regularly. This ensures that the grill produces adequate flames and that there is minor damage to them. You will also enjoy great grilling and food from a machine with a good fire.

Removing Grease

Another factor determining how long your gas grill lasts is the grease stains. Failure to remove them impairs your machine’s performance, and it eventually fails.

How Materials Affect How Long Your Grill Will Last

You will need to understand the materials that make your grill to know how long it will last. Let’s look at some of these materials and what to expect from them.

Aluminum and Coated Steel

The materials are typically found on mid-range and budget-range grills. The coating on the grills is powder coating or heat-resistant paint. It is customarily used to prevent rust but does not last for an extended period.

Rust will form at the edges, seams, and bolts first. Once the process ensues, there will not be a way to reverse it. The aluminum or coated steel grill will last up to five years with regular use. After that, rust patches may be significant, which may compromise the grill’s usability.

Enameled Steel

This is a step higher than ordinary coated steel. The result of the enameling process is a heat-resistant and rigid surface. Porcelain-enameled steel can last from five to seven years or longer.

Cover your grill when not in use and handle it carefully. This will limit the corrosion that sets in due to chips and scratches.

Cast Iron

This material is hard-wearing and commonly found in small tabletop grills. Cast iron is highly susceptible to corrosion, but seasoning the grill with oil between cooks and keeping the grill clean will lower the attrition. Quality cast iron can last long, but the common one will take five years before rust compromises the grill.

Stainless Steel

This material is found on the grills that last the longest. Stainless steel is created to reduce corrosion. Grills with thick steel and well-structured steel will last between seven and ten years. Some different styles and aesthetics are offered with stainless steel. Above all, the more the material is used on your grill, the longer it will last.

Signs Your Grill May Need Replacing

When should you replace your grill? This is an essential question if you want to continue grilling good food. Here are some tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your grill.

  • Yellowish flames that provide inadequate heat
  • A hard time achieving even heat
  • Unusual smoke
  • Gas leakages
  • Cracked fuel lines
  • Unintended flames
  • Exterior damages

Common Parts That May Need Replacing

Like any other machines, gas grills are bound to break, no matter how well you care for them. Here is a list of the parts you should closely monitor as they may need frequent replacement:

  • Grill’s ignition system
  • Switches on the control panel
  • Fuel hoses
  • Control panel switches

How to Make Your Grill Last Longer

As mentioned before, how long your grill lasts is dependent on how you use it. Here are some of the tips for increasing the longevity of your gas grill:

Using Lockable Lids

They are one of the safety features on your gas grill. They are essential in covering grill parts hence keeping the interior clean when you are not using the grill. It is also advisable to use a dedicated cover to protect it.


Accessories make grilling much more effortless. Ensure you get cleaning accessories that reach unreachable sections of your grill when it comes to cleaning. Some grills don’t come with these. Therefore, you might need to go shopping.

Go for High Warranty Grills

An extended warranty indicates that the manufacturer is confident in a quality grill. You will also get a cushion if the item runs into any problem before the warranty elapses.

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