Can You Leave Pellet Grills Uncovered Outside?

You should strive hard to cover or store your pellet grill inside after using it outside as much as possible. Harsh weather such as extreme rain won’t destroy your grill but will shorten its lifespan.

Can You Leave Pellet Grills Uncovered Outside?

Stainless steel is the prime material behind the bodies of most outside grills, meaning they can withstand extreme rainfall and blazing hot weather. However, keep in mind that your pellet grill endures a lot of heat when grilling meat, making it more susceptible to rusting as it ages. It is important to buy a cover or have it indoors when it is no longer shiny as you first bought it.

The following are some intrigues about leaving your pellet grill outside. Read more to find out whether it is safe.

What Are The Issues To Consider When Storing A Pellet Grill?

Keeping your grill outside or putting it inside shouldn’t be something to keep you up at night. Maintaining one is straightforward, and the manufacturers usually have a manual that easily explains what you should do. Some will also give a grill cover.

Grills are metals which may rust if exposed to different weather patterns. The heat weakens the coating that protects against rusting, while salting your beef on every grilling occasion compliments rainwater to rust it away if left in the open. But remember, for this to happen, it takes a long time. You can increase that period further with a grill cover.

What Happens If Pellet Grills Are Left Outdoors?

For your peace of mind, metallic grills have a better coating and won’t rust because of snow or rain easily. The electronics on the grill that control temperature and heat have good insulation and will withstand some light storms and heavy downpours. So, you can expect your grill to work for some time before the effects of storing them outside begin to show.

What Happens if Pellet Grills have Running Power while Outside

If you have your pellet grill connected to a GFCI outlet, you don’t have to worry about a fire. Pellet grills can stay connected outside to electricity for up to a year, with no fire hazards reported.

However, you should not make it a habit to leave them connected to live electricity while out in the open when not in use.

You might note some rusting or some of the wire connections losing their aesthetics, but overall the equipment will continue to work fine.

Are Pellet Grills Weather Resistant?

Stainless steel is the major component in many metal grills, not just in a pellet grill. Stainless steel can withstand harsh weather for a while, so you don’t have to worry.

Cheaper pellet grills come with cheaper materials, and they could be more prone to rusting. One way to know their metal composition is to read the user manual or ask the store attendant that sold it to you.

You should keep your pellet grill indoors or covered if you find out it does not have a lot of stainless steel in the body.

Screws and other components that join the grill together do not have a rust-resistant coating. Most will rust as soon as the rain and sunshine act on them. While your grill won’t rust because it has a stainless steel body, remember the rusted screws might make it look unsightly.

What happens when Pellet Grills Fire Indoors?

Nothing significant will happen; it will cook your beef, typically minus the thrill of barbecuing outside. Pellet grills come with better safety features nowadays and don’t have an open flame anymore. They’ll not create a huge fire or burn your valuables easily.

But remember to move them away from walls or other flammable materials when they are grilling. When cooking in a high heat mode, the surface temperatures can reach up to 500℉, which could melt some material in contact with them nearby.

Overall, grilling indoors isn’t a good idea. You should have your barbecues outside in the open where the air moves freely. That way, occasional flares and smoke won’t be a bother to your health.

Are Pellet-Grill Covers Any Good?

Grill covers reduce the chances of rusting; they keep out rainwater, which is the largest culprit that shortens the life of your grill.

You should also keep in mind the time when to cover your grill because most covers will melt away as soon as they are in contact with blazing hot metal.

The rule of thumb is to have your covers on the grill after helping yourself with a serving of grilled meat.

Remote apps to start and control the fire in pellet grills also won’t work when you have them covered. You won’t be able to power the grills remotely to prep for your barbecue. Keep in mind that whenever you have covered your grill. Perhaps uncover it several hours before the time you want to start your cooking.

What Grill Cover Is The Best For Protecting A Pellet Grill?

You will be lucky to get a grill cover with some high-end pellet grills as an extra when collecting them from the grill store. However, if you aren’t so lucky, there are plenty of custom grill covers you can select from for your grill. They come in many shapes and sizes. You could also pick a color that matches your personality.

Picking a cover isn’t as easy as walking into the store and telling the attendant to give you one. You need to measure the dimensions of your grill and surrender them to the place you buy the cover so that you get the right fit.

A good grill cover hides every component of your grill from top to bottom; even the legs shouldn’t be out in the open.

Do Grill Covers Let In Water?

The role of grill covers is to shield your pellet grill from rain, hot weather, and snow. So, when you have it on, no water should make its way inside.

You can leave some pellet grills uncovered because they have protective shields that limit the water from reaching the burners. But those with rear vents don’t have the feature and will easily let in water. Check if your pellet grill has rear vents and buy a cover if necessary.

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