Camp Chef vs Rec Tec Grills

There are plenty of options available to you in the world of pellet grills, but two brands that stand head and shoulders above the rest are Camp Chef and Rec Tec. Both brands have come out with a range of extensive pellet grills equipped with the latest features and provide pitmasters and grilling experts the chance to cook appetizing meals.

It can be challenging to choose between the two brands when you are shopping for a pellet grill, which is why we have decided to make things simpler for you by sharing our comprehensive comparison guide. We have looked at all the details that make these two brands stand out, so you can make an informed decision on which pellet grill will be best for your weekend barbecue cookout.

Brand Comparison

Before we start with our comparisons, it is best to give you some details about the two brands in question. That will allow you to align yourself with a brand and make the decision easier for you when buying a pellet grill. Here is what you need to know about the Camp Chef and Rec Tec brands.

Camp Chef vs. Rec Tec Grills

Camp Chef

Camp Chef isn’t a new name in the world of pellet grills, and if you have been to many cookouts and campsites, you must have come across a Camp Chef grill. The brand is focused on creating high-quality pellet grills and cooking equipment that caters to hikers, campers, and barbecue lovers.

They have branched out their products and have dipped their hands into Dutch ovens, pizza ovens, and outdoor stoves. Their pellet grill line consists of some of the top options in the market. Apart from that they have exceptional customer support and offer a great warranty on all their products.

Rec Tec

Rec Tec is a relative newcomer to the world of pellet grills, but that hasn’t stopped them from making their mark. They have come out with an extensive line of pellet grills loaded with cutting-edge features that make them stand out. Founded in 2009, the brand was started by two friends and pitmasters who loved cooking outdoors on pellet grills.

They knew that the market was saturated as far as quality pellet grills go and decided to launch their line of products. The brand is renowned for its superior quality and premium features in pellet grills. They started with only one product but have now expanded their range to over a dozen pellet grills in various styles and sizes.

Brand Comparison of Features

Now that you know a little bit about the brands, we shall not waste any more time and get straight down to the brass tacks. Let’s compare the various features of the pellet grills by these brands to help you select the best option. Here is what you should know:

Temperature Control

The popularity of pellet grills stems from the fact that they are versatile and allow you to smoke, grill, roast, and braise meat without any problems. Temperature control is one of the main features that define a pellet grill.

Camp Chef does a stellar job when it comes to temperature control for their pellet grills. You can be confident that a Camp Chef pellet grill will offer consistent heat retention and allow you to cook your favorite barbecue meals without any trouble.

Rec Tec also offers excellent temperature control in their pellet grills. The best part about their grills is that they are made from premium parts, so you can be sure that they will retain heat consistently no matter what you are cooking on the grill. In terms of heat retention and temperature control, Rec Tec pellet grills come out on top.

Temperature Range

You must also consider the temperature range offered by a pellet grill when buying one. The ideal temperature you want for smoking meat is between 225 degrees Fahrenheit to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to sear meat, you want the temperature to go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Camp Chef pellet grills offer an excellent temperature range between 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a wide temperature range ensures you have greater versatility when cooking your favorite barbecue meals.

Rec Tec grills aren’t far off on the temperature range and hold their own in this comparison. They offer a temperature range that is between 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That allows you to have cook, sear, grill, or roast any meat on the grill. In terms of the temperature range, we will have to give the win to Camp Chef.


You want the best bang for your buck when purchasing a pellet grill, which is why we will compare the prices of the two pellet grill brands for you next.

Camp Chef has a broader line of pellet grills that offer an exceptional cooking surface area for their grill price. That ensures you can cook for a broader range of people and get more value for money.

Rec Tec grills aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, and their cooking surface area isn’t as diverse, but they still offer decent value. In terms of value for money, you can’t go wrong with Camp Chef grills.

Hopper Capacity

You may not be too concerned about hopper capacity when searching for a pellet grill, but it is an important consideration. You don’t want to repeatedly fill the hopper with pellets, as your primary focus should be on the grill.

Camp Chef grills have a decent hopper capacity, which is between 18 pounds to 22 pounds, depending on the grill’s size.

Rec Tec grills offer more hopper capacity in their grills, which range between 20 pounds to 40 pounds, depending on the grill’s size. If you want a decent hopper capacity in your pellet grill, your best bet would be a Rec Tec grill.

Our Final Thoughts

The choice between which pellet grill is the best naturally comes down to personal preference and your budget. However, if you want premium quality grills that offer you excellent temperature control, temperature range, and hopper capacity, you can’t go wrong with Rec Tec pellet grills.

That doesn’t mean Camp Chef pellet grills are bad; they are excellent for camping, outdoor cooking, and barbecue cookouts as well.

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