Broil King Pellet Grill XL Review

Gone are the days when people lit fires for barbeques manually. Now, we have automated pellet grills that help us enjoy our holidays while making cooking easier. Pellet grills ensure that there is an even distribution of heat over the meat and they work to give it a unique smoky flavor.

Instead of wasting your time trying to light a fire, you can start cooking with the push of a single button. Besides that, pellet grills are far more versatile than their traditional counterparts. Therefore, you have the option to barbecue, smoke, grill, and even bake on the grill.

All of these unique features have significantly contributed to the popularity of these grills. In this article, we will review one of such marvels known as Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL and discuss what makes it different from other pellet grills.

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An Overview of the Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL

The Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL is styled after traditional southern smokers. As a result, it is aesthetically pleasing and has well-crafted barrel smokers and grills. While traditional grills lack the ability to retain temperatures effectively, this unit controls temperature by a 2mm/14 gauge steel cover.

It has a cooking chamber that contains heavy cast-iron cooking grids. These grids are perfect for making sear marks and giving your meat a traditional look. On the other hand, the offset smoker chamber instills the food with an authentic smoky flavor.

Broil King has done its best in ensuring that every detail is perfectly calculated. It has everything from heavy-duty stainless lids to large, eight-inch crack-proof wheels. It not only provides you easy maneuverability but also makes sure that you have a reliable unit for your family barbeque.

Pros of the Broil King Pellet Grill

Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL is one of the most multifunctional pellet grills you will find in the market. By buying this unit, you will be able to use many premium features.

Here is a list of all the unique features Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL will provide you:

  • A hopper with a capacity of 22 lb.
  • Strong and heavy-duty cast iron cooking grids.
  • A premium rotisserie kit that contains a stainless steel fork and a rod with an electric motor.
  • Grill Grates 32″ x 19.25″
  • A durable steel cooking chamber
  • 2 mm / 14 gauge steel
  • 695 square inch cooking space, which includes a porcelain-coated warming rack
  • Helpful dial-design for easy and precise temperature control
  • Has two electronic meat probes
  • Special ‘Pellet Grilling’ app from Broil King®
  • Exceptional warranty
  • Cast aluminum Roto-Draft™ dampers
  • Removable stainless steel ashtrays
  • A durable high-heat paint finish
  • Large diameter steel chimney with Roto-Draft™ damper
  • Removable steel front shelf with integrated tool hooks
  • Durable steel bottom shelf
  • Stylish and durable stainless steel handles with four durable steel legs (two-leg levelers)
  • Two large 8″ crack-proof wheels
  • Chrome-plated steel bottle opener

Cons of the Broil King Pellet Grill

Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL is a remarkable pellet grill full of incredible features. However, there are still some shortcomings in the unit.

  • Pricey
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Small cooking area (the primary area is only 500  square inches)

Premium Rotisserie Kit

It’s not common for pellet grill companies to give away free accessories with their products. However, Broil King® does not shy away from it. Like every Pro series product from Broil King®, Smoke Pellet Grill XL includes a premium rotisserie kit.

A rotisseries kit is what you need to cook crispy-skinned and perfectly juicy rotisserie chicken. The company gives two heavy-duty rotisserie forks, a stainless rod, and an auto-reverse motor with the capacity of up to 20 lb.

Designated App

Most people know that the world around them is becoming digital. However, what people don’t know is that Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL has adopted this change as well. The pellet grill has its own designated app available on the Google Play Store.

You can download the application and get the full pellet grilling experience from your handheld device. This application will allow you to control the pellet grill from any place that has WiFi. Besides that, if you are in a place that doesn’t have the internet, you can connect to the pellet grill via Bluetooth®. However, you need to be in the signal range for that to work.

Heavy-Duty Burn Pot

Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL contains a heavy-duty stainless burn pot. Through this efficient burn pot, you can raise the temperature to a scorching 600°F (350°C).  Since the burn pot has an extra-thick stainless steel layer and an overall diameter of 3.5 inches (8.89 cm), your unit will retain heat exceptionally well.

Digital Controller

Besides featuring deluxe Wifi and Bluetooth® options, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL provides users with an advanced digital controller. The controller displays the current and target temperatures for the pellet grill.

You can increase or decrease temperature settings with the help of probes 1 and 2. Besides that, you can use popular cook temperatures with three quick-set buttons. This is similar to cooking modes, and you can use either of Smoke, Roast, or Grill.

Meat Probes

While most pellet grills give you a single meat probe, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL provides you with two stainless steel electronic meat probes. These probes are connected directly to the digital controller and allow you to monitor both the grill temperature and the temperature of your food. Besides that, you can monitor these through your application.

Ash Management System

To perform consistently, the burn pot has to remain clean from ash. Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL deals with this problem by installing an efficient ash management system. It allows you to remove ash accumulated with the help of an ash catcher. Moreover, you can remove the ash easily without having to remove cooking grids and heat plates.

Heavy Duty

Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL has large storage for wood pallets, which will help you get the most of its heavy-duty performance. This means that you can easily leave the unit unattended for over 10 hours before having to add more pellets. While most pellet grills give a 20 lb limit for pallet fuel, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL raises the limit 22 lb.


Like most other features, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL takes the crown here as well. The warranty of a unit symbolizes the trust a company has in their products. Therefore, the longer warranty a unit may have, the higher chance there is that the unit will last.

Contrary to what most companies offer, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL offers a five-year warranty for the cook box. It also offers a two-year warranty for its parts and paint, which is incredible.

Cooking Space

Despite being near perfect in all other aspects, Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL doesn’t have the most spacious cooking surfaces. Still, the unit has sufficient space to work with. However, it will be difficult if you want to work in multiple sections simultaneously.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Another problem we discovered in Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL’s online reviews is its problems of handling fluctuating temperatures. Some users attribute this problem to the unit’s app. However, only experts can tell what the real issue is. Still, the unit gives a high-temperature range, which reaches up to 600F.

Alternative Pellet Grills

As mentioned before, there isn’t much we can take away from Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL. However, some units offer similar less-polished features in the same price range. For instance, the Z Grills wood pellet grill offers an insulated firebox, which can help to overcome fluctuating temperatures.

Moreover, the unit has many exciting features that can make your barbeque experience more enjoyable. However, while it may not have some of the unique features Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL offers, it’s a great alternative smoker/pellet grill. Regardless, if you are looking for something new, you can look at both options and choose the product that best fits your needs.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the Broil King Smoke Pellet Grill XL is a pellet grill that gives you plenty of exciting features that others don’t. It’s excellent for anyone who wants to enjoy a premium BBQ experience.

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