Black Olive Pellet Grill Review

The Black Olive Pellet Grill is bound to pique the curiosity and interest of barbecue enthusiasts all over the world! It is the first-ever Kamado style grill that uses wood pellets as fuel. Other Kamado grills allow the use of charcoal only.

Offering a range of features, the Black Olive Pellet Grill has a number of distinct advantages over other models available in the market.

Let’s dive into the details to understand what this unique grill is all about.

black olive pellet grill

Black Olive Pellet Grill Features

Temperature Control

This pellet grill has an efficient heat control, which is very easy to use. You can set the heat level to a temperature as high as 650 degrees Fahrenheit for fast searing and grilling. This pellet grill can also be set to a temperature as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit for slow cooking.

Thanks to the automatic pellet feed mechanism and temperature control, this is a truly ‘set and forget’ kind of device. You just have to load wood pellets into the hopper and set the temperature using its intuitive and self-explanatory panel. When you are done, the Black Olive Pellet Grill takes over and maintains the temperature level that you established. There is no need for any intervention on your part. The grill is efficient enough to take care of grilling conditions itself.

Of course, this unique feature makes grilling so much easier, convenient and fun. Instead of minding the grill, you can focus on the food and cook it to perfection. Novice cooks and seasoned grill chefs alike will appreciate this feature. If you are new to grilling, this particular feature makes grilling easier since the food is maintained at the right temperature range at all times for best results. Even if you are highly adept at maintaining grills at the right temperature range, you can still enjoy the convenience and relaxation that this feature brings.

The product also consists of a built-in thermocouple, which accurately measures temperatures so that you can do all sorts of cooking with a high level of precision, such as searing, smoking, baking and grilling.

Adding Fuel Is Easier Compared to Other Kamado Grills

You don’t need to open or close vents or do any other complicated things for optimum temperature. All you have to do is load more pellets to the hopper when the pellet stock starts running low. You will find maximum convenience and minimum hassle while smoking meats for longer time periods.

The Black Olive Pellet is designed for utility and convenience. With other Kamado grills, you have to first detach grilling grates and remove the food in order to add more fuel. This interrupts the grilling process and increases your workload. You also have to be careful while handling the grills and food since they are extremely hot. The Black Olive Pellet Grill does away with all of these hassles and worries. You don’t need to disrupt the grilling process while adding fuel because you just have to load pellets into the hopper. There is no need to remove grill grates or food unlike other Kamado grills.

Grilling Grates

The standard model has cast-iron grilling grates, which can be upgraded to steel grilling grates.

Steel Smoker Cap and Hinge

The steel smoker cap is designed so that dust and debris cannot enter the cooking area. Although it does not need to be adjusted, it helps to maintain better temperature control. The dome can be opened and closed securely due to the heavy-duty hinge.

Side Shelves

The side shelves are made from steel coated with porcelain. Hence, these side shelves are very sturdy and have a more generous surface compared to other Kamado grills. You will never find yourself out of space and have a large surface area at your disposal for all of your implements, sauces, ingredients and other key items.

Utensil hooks have also been built in the right place and numbers so that all of your barbecue tools are easily accessible.

Grilling Performance

The grill is a truly heavy-duty appliance that can keep going for several hours of non-stop grilling. In fact, if you load the hopper to full capacity, the grill can keep operating for up to 40 hours at 2,000 BTUs. You can easily switch the Black Olive Pellet Grill to smoke mode and slow cook your food at the right smoke level for several hours. Thanks to the accurate heat control, the temperature level can always be maintained within a few degrees of your requirement.

The attractive handle is constructed from bamboo and given surface treatment to make it hard-wearing and weather-resistant. The handle remains cool no matter how long you have been grilling.

The automatic feed mechanism transfers the right amount of pellets into the fire pit to keep the flame burning at the required temperature. Due to the consistent fuel input, the flame burns steadily and does not require any adjustment or management from your side.

The grilling area is 290 square, which is what you can expect from other Kamado grills. The grill is designed to distribute heat evenly over the cooking area. Uneven temperature spots are thereby eliminated, which leads to more consistent grilling quality.

The Black Olive Pellet Grill can burn at a fast and furious 50,000 BTU for up to 2 hours. This high heat level is ideal for searing meat to create a crispy exterior while keeping the inside moist, soft and rare.

Design of the Grill

The ceramic shell has been designed to perfection. The material used and its thickness is such that heat losses are reduced significantly. This will keep your fuel consumption and costs low. The ceramic coating also makes the grill more resistant to harsh weather and minimizes the buildup of rust and corrosion.

The Black Olive Pellet Grill is no ordinary Kamado grill. It is a confluence of the key features in Kamado as well as pellet grills. This hybrid grill design combines the high heat buildup capability of Kamado grills with the temperature precision and superior smoke flavor of pellet grills.

Pellet Fuel

You will have to make do with charcoal fuel if you use other Kamado grills, but with the Black Olive pellet grill, you get to enjoy the use of wood pellets. These pellets allow for more flavorful and exquisite taste in your meals. You can go for different kind of pellet woods, such as maple, oak, hickory, and others. You can even experiment with a blend of different hardwood pellets to bring out the most exotic taste in your barbecue. Pellet fuel is also a healthier option compared to charcoal and is also better for the environment. These myriad advantages cannot be attained with just charcoal fuel.

In addition, you can also easily check the amount of pellet fuel that remains in the hopper. Checking the remaining unburned fuel is not straightforward in other Kamado grills. Visual inspection of fuel level is, therefore, much easier with the Black Olive Pellet Grill, which is important for slow roasts as well as extended smoking.


It takes two minutes to ignite the pellet fuel to a steady flame. The ignition process is very convenient since it is done automatically and reliably without any need for effort from your side.


The Black Olive Pellet Grill has two wheels as well as two rubber-tipped legs. The wheels will make it easier for you to ferry this pellet grill over short distances.


Since the Black Olive Pellet Grill has many user-friendly capabilities like auto-ignition, automatic pellet feed mechanism, reliable temperature control, and intuitive control panel, it is very simple to use. Even novice grilling enthusiasts will have little trouble in getting up to speed with this grill.

Not only is it easy to use, the grill also requires less effort due to the aforementioned user-friendly capabilities. So, if you are into Kamado grills but wish to reduce the workload involved, then the Black Olive Pellet Grill can be quite helpful in this regard. You will spend less time and effort on the grill and concentrate on what you love the most – amazing barbecue.

Whether it is chicken, steak, seafood, any other meat or vegetables, the Black Olive Pellet Grill can provide tasty smoke-flavored meals grilled to perfection.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Kamado grills and also love the taste of smoke-flavored barbecue, then the Black Olive pellet is a fine choice. It is the sole Kamado grill on the market which employs pellet fuel. You can, therefore, find truly unique value in the Black Olive Pellet Grill if you have a penchant for Kamado grills.

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