Best Wood Chips for Smoking Turkey

Are you searching the best wood chips for smoking turkey?

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Wood Chips for Smoking Turkey

Smoking is one of the most delicious ways to cook your food. People have been smoking various types of foods to improve taste or simply preserve it from the ancient times. Nowadays, you don’t need to build a campfire in the woods to achieve the best flavor. Modern equipment like smokers and grills have made the process user-friendly and easy.

Even then, many people don’t know when to start or how to start with smoking. Getting the right smoky flavor requires a lot of hard work and dedication. One of the trickiest meats to smoke is turkey.

A whole turkey is an excellent meat to smoke. Although many believe that a full turkey deserves to be served at only Christmas and Thanksgiving, we believe that when smoked properly, it can be served on any day of the year. To ensure you can master the art of producing a tasty turkey, complementing it with the right wood chips is absolutely essential.

Best Wood Chips for Smoking Turkey

The 7 Best Wood Chips for Smoking Turkey

With flavors ranging from maple to hickory and pecan to apple, which one should you choose? This post will give you a better idea about the wood chips used for smoking turkey.

1. Traeger 33365 20Lb Apple Wood Pellets

If you want your turkey to get a slightly fruity and light smoke flavor, this one will do. Traeger is an old and reliable in the wood chips industry. They have built a distinct cell structure that enables a dependable and balanced burn.

Real taste is not spontaneous. It is created when you achieve the required smoke and use quality materials. Traeger’s pellets are the real deal. They will ensure the end result always stays mouthwatering and succulent. You can pair them with turkey, vegetables, baked goods, pork, and poultry.

2. Traeger Grills PEL308 Maple 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets

If you like the maple flavor, bring out your turkey and use these maple pellets. Infuse an incredible, hardwood taste in anything you BBQ, braise, roast, bake, smoke, or grill. Years of experience in the industry has lead Traeger to perfect the smoke science. Their pellets are designed with the perfect blend of moisture required for achieving the desired blue smoke, which is further complemented by a dependable & clean burn.

Traeger is all for sustainable sourcing; it procures the sawdust from existing green hardwood to manufacture state-of-the-art pellets without sacrificing a tree.

3. Camerons Products Smoking Chips – (Hickory)

Cameron Products has a stellar reputation in the smoke cooking industry. They have created a wide range of innovatory products to help both the professional and home-based chefs the easiest method to us wood chips with a turkey. These chips work with indoor smokers, smoker boxers, charcoal grills, and gas grills. You can ignite it in no time and combust instantly to produce a delicate smoky flavor. It pairs well with turkey, cheese, pork, beef, and poultry. All wood chips are made of raw timber and kiln dried.

4. GrillPro 00250 Alder Wood Chips,Brown

If you are looking to give a simple wood smoke flavor to your turkey, the Alder Wood Chips can be your best bet. These chips come in 170 cubic inches re-sealable bags and can be used with fish, poultry, and pork.

5. Western Pecan BBQ Smoking Chips

Pecan BBQ smoking chips produce a powerful smoke, bearing resemblance to Hickory. However, they incorporate a sweet flavor to your turkey as well. Pecan wood chips also complement heavier meats, such as lamb and beef. If you have lighter foods, vegetables and poultry are good as well.

To perform the smoking procedure, utilize dry chips and convert the temperature to high when you first put your tray or pouch on the cooking grid. The chips start smoking after a few minutes.

6. Weber 17137 Pecan Wood Chunks, 350 cu. in. (0.006 Cubic Meter), 4 lb

If you are a fan of fruity flavors, the Weber chunks will help bring a refreshing and light feel to your plate with a tinge of sweet apple that takes the taste of your turkey to the next level. Experiment more with different flavored wood chips and your grilling and smoking will become more palatable over time. You can also add these chips to beef, lamb, poultry, port, and fish whenever you feel like adding some sweetness to your plate.

7. Mr. Bar-B-Q 05042BC Old Barrel Whiskey Barbecue Smoking Chips, Brown

If you are looking for an innovative set of wood chips, the Whiskey Barbecue Smoking Chips are worth a consideration. These are created from whiskey barrels to provide a delicious, unique flavor to your smoked turkey. This way, you infuse the whiskey’s character to your food, produce its aroma and flavor, and add flavor.

Our Final Thoughts

Although smoking can seem difficult initially, with some practice, it gets all too easy. Additionally, the tasty reward is an icing on the cake. Whether you use a smoker or grill, the above-mentioned best wood chips for smoking turkey will help you smoke different types of food and end up with the desirable result.

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