Best Gas Grills with a Smoker Box

It’s no secret that smoking and grilling are two of the most popular cooking techniques. Once the first investment is made, it’s delightful, simple, and affordable for nearly everyone.

Best Gas Grills with a Smoker Box

Slow-smoking food until you can finally sink your teeth into it, or just grilling a couple of succulent ribeyes and pairing them with some deliciously smoked potatoes is completely unmatched.

However, purchasing a new grill with a smoker box is an investment, but one that is well worth the money. But, finding a good model that accomplishes everything without breaking the bank can be difficult.

That’s where this article comes in handy: to enlighten you about some of the best gas grills that come with a smoker box.

Let’s get into it!

1. Lion L75000 Premium Propane Gas Grill

With a polished, stylish design, the Lion L75000 grill is a true powerhouse. It’s a fantastic package with some nice additions. These additions include the smoker box, griddle, griddle plate remover with bottle opener, rotisserie kit, and a grill cover.

This grill has a main grilling area of 647 square inches, which is built of strong grate stainless steel.

The grill’s head, like the grates and burners, is built of steel that is stainless and comes with a warranty for lifetime. The stainless steel cover is sturdy and watertight, with a double layer of seamless welded accuracy, assuring it will protect what’s within year after year.

The Lion has the advantage of being simple to operate. Some luxury grills have a lot of features which are complex to use and require some skill. Lion has an easy-to-use control panel, making operating it almost effortless.

Four movable main burners and a 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner provide the grill’s heating capacity.

A heating rack and two interior lights are also included for nighttime cooking in this awesome grill.

It’s one of the best grills out there for professional cooks. If you’re willing to make the investment, it will serve as the centerpiece of your backyard kitchen for many decades to come.

What We Like About It

  • Large cooking area
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple to clean.
  • Burner for rotisserie infrared
  • It includes a culinary package.
  • Has two interior lights
  • The cooking grids, casing and burners have a lifetime warranty.

2. Oklahoma Joe’s LP Gas and Smoker Box Combo

It’s an excellent propane grill with a smoker box that offers both functionality and convenience. The grill can also be used with charcoal in order to get that smoky wood flavor. As we all know, charcoal grilling is a terrific option.

There are three distinct cooking chambers, each of which may be utilized with either charcoal or liquefied propane gas, so you’ll have plenty of room to work.

In between two grill chambers and the smoker box, there is a total of 750 square inches of primary cooking space. In terms of raw cooking space and heat output, there are few grills that can compete with this model’s 36,060 BTUh total, which is split across three burners with a combined 12,020 BTUh output.

Despite the lack of a modern temperature control, the grill is easy to use and light with electric ignition.

What We Like About It

  • Construction is solid.
  • Large cooking area that spans three distinct surfaces.
  • One smoker chamber and two grills
  • Excellent heat generation.

3. Z-Grills Gas Grill and Smoker Box

Simply, a grill with a smoker box makes it more appealing, and Z-Grill’s 8 in 1 grill won’t fail to do so.

On this grill, cooking space is divided out across a 513-square-inch main rack and a 187-inch heating rack, amounting to 700 square inches of total cooking space. This grill can fit up to five full chickens, six racks of ribs or twenty burgers at a time.

Depending on how hot you run it, the hopper can hold up to 20 pounds of pellets at a time.

It’s a multi-purpose grill that can grill, smoke, barbecue, roast, braise, and bake pretty much anything you want. It is perfect for grilling pizzas, which, when done correctly, can be very tasty.

The smoker box includes a computerized controller that makes it extremely simple to operate. It can be tuned to any temperature between 170 and 440 degrees Centigrade, and it will always control the temperature around 20 degrees of the predetermined range.

What We Like About It

  • Temperatures are digitally controlled.
  • Ample grilling space.
  • Excellent hopper capacity.
  • Construction of high quality.
  • Excellent design.

4. Char-Griller Charcoal & 2-Burner Gas Grill

This is a terrific massive grill that comes with a smoker box.  It features two grilling zones which can be used as a charcoal (or hardwood) grill and also a propane or natural gas grill.

This one has a large grilling surface of 870 square inches and a main cooking area of 606 square inches. Each side has 303 square inches of grilling space, plus 132 square inches for the warming racks.

That’s plenty of cooking space, and each side can be set to a different temperature. This enables you to prepare entirely different meals on each side.

The temperature (24, 000 BTUh) is adequate for cooking anything you want at any temperature you choose.

It boasts a rock-solid posture and a robust, hard-to-shake chassis thanks to heavy-duty steel, cast-iron grates, and extra-thick legs and wheels.

It’s a model that’s simple to clean, which is always a bonus. Cleaning grease pots on some grills may be time-consuming and nasty, so a grease pan that is easy to remove is a fantastic alternative.

The absence of extra features like digital temperature controls is the only major criticism of this grill, although considering the inexpensive price, this is a small concern.

What We Like About It

  • Provides enough cooking surface with two insulated grill tops.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Perfect temperature.
  • It can be cleaned effortlessly.

These are the best gas grills with a smoker box on the market. Choose one to get your grilling party started and enjoy your favorite meal!

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