Best Gas Grills (Propane): Top 5 Reviewed

Are you getting ready for summer, but realize that you’re in dire need of a better grill? Maybe that hand-me-down on the patio is rusted out. Or, maybe it’s just time to upgrade. We’ve got you covered with our best gas grills buying guide.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Our buyers guide to the best gas grills includes both high-end and budget-friendly models for those with a limited budget. You’ll also find a highly portable grill which is ideal if you travel a lot and need a compact lightweight grill with plenty of power.

The 5 Best Gas Grills (propane models)

The following barbecues are some of the most reliable grills with a large and satisfied loyal customer base. Only the best and most well-known brands have been included. With such high review ratings, the quality of these models speaks for itself.

Weber Genesis II S-335

Weber is the prime choice for outdoor cuisine and is one of the most well-known grill brands. No list of the top 5 propane grills can be complete without this brand. With this model, Weber has once more shown its commitment to quality and perfection.

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Weber grills, including this model, are one of the top-rated models on Amazon. The company has succeeded in making the best models by paying heed to the requirements of the grilling community.

This model has been designed with a high priority for user experience. Three burners have been included along with flavorizer bars. These are all made with high-quality stainless steel. The grease management system offers safety in addition to convenience. It will lower the possibility of flare-ups and will allow you to clean grease easily.

This model offers a generous cooking area of 513 square inches. There is also an overhead warming rack with an area of 156 square inches.

You can start each burner easily and quickly with the infinity ignition. This mechanism allows you to ignite the gas effortlessly by just turning a knob. The unique design of the ignition system allows even gas flow across all burner tubes. You won’t be frustrated by an unreliable ignition which lights up after several attempts. You can enjoy reliable ignition each and every time for years.

The grill has been designed so that heat is distributed evenly over the cooking surface. This way all your food will be roasted with a high degree of consistency. You won’t find that some items have been overdone while others remain undercooked.

Flavorizer bars have been positioned perfectly to catch precious drippings which can impart superb flavor and aroma for your barbeque. They’re slanted at just the right angle so that they sear drippings perfectly to release their irresistible taste. Excess grease that is not vaporized flows along the duct where it will be collected by the grease management system.

The grease management system efficiently pools in excess grease that was not sizzled by the “flavorizer bars”. As a result, you can be confident that the leftover grease will not create a mess. You can collect it in one place and dispose of it easily thanks to the grease management system. Cleaning your grill is now easy and convenient.

Your investment is well protected with a generous 10-year warranty.

Embedded lid thermometer will help you to make the perfect roast at the right temperature. You can also conveniently prepare sauces and side dishes with a perfectly designed side burner.

Since the cooking grates are made from high-grade stainless steel, they are long lasting and will serve you well for many years. They also gather heat and so that you can create professional chef-style sear marks across your barbeque.

You can also set a higher temperature with the High+ setting for faster preheat and reduced cooking time. With high temperature setting it is easier to prepare delicious roast whose exterior is seared to a crisp while the inside remains succulent and rare.

Weber Spirit E310

Whether you want to host a barbeque party or grill tasty meals for your family on a daily basis, the Weber Spirit E310 will give you all the options that you will ever need. This grill is yet another remarkable model from the highly acclaimed Weber brand.

The surface finish is aesthetically pleasing and exotic. This is what you would expect from the leading grill brand. The porcelain enamel finishing is more than just visual appeal. It is the perfect material for a long-lasting cooking platform that will last longer and give you great results for several years.

The cooking grates have been fabricated from enduring cast iron and coated with porcelain enamel for an extra long lifespan and excellent heat capacity. With such high-quality surface finish and material, you will not have to worry that your grill will peal or rust like other low-quality models.

Six hooks have also been strategically placed to give you quick and convenient access to all of your tools. You won’t need to create room for your tools and they will always remain within your reach without getting in the way.

The grease management system works very well and requires little maintenance. It has been designed to collect unused grease so that you can dispose of it easily. Your grilling machine will not be smeared with grease at the wrong places and you will not have to waste time and effort on cleaning up the unnecessary mess. With less hassle involved in cleaning up, you can now focus on the joy of meal preparation – literally the most delicious hobby of all. This model will redefine the grilling experience.

The attached wheels make the grill portable so that it can be easily hauled to your patio or backyard. The durable wheels will allow you to glide the grill quickly and effortlessly over hard surface and grass.

The side tables have been designed to offer extra space to hold spices, sauces and serving trays conveniently in one place. You won’t need to use an extra table for holding sauces and other ingredients that will be used frequently.

The cooking grate has a large surface area which allows for efficient heat transfer, retention, and distribution. This will allow you to create the perfect meal every time you use the grill. You can consistently make food with the same great taste and quality thanks to the great heat characteristics of the grill.

Even novice users will have an easy time with this grill as mentioned in the highly positive customer reviews on Amazon. The grill is easy to take apart and reassemble even if you have little experience working with mechanical parts. The process is self-explanatory and you will need very little guidance from the user manual.

This grill works well even in cold weather and will make all sorts of food for your family, like roast meat, hot dogs, burgers and steak.

Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill

This compact grill has been mounted on a cart to make it highly portable. You can easily carry it around anywhere and it is therefore the ideal appliance for outdoor barbeque picnics at exotic locations.

You can fold up the scissor-shaped cart frame with ease and roll it through any kind of terrain with minimal effort and maximum convenience. It can also be unfolded and set up very quickly so that you can start grilling right away without much fuss.

The cart can be easily stowed and transported since it is compact and lightweight. Storage shelves have been embedded into the sides of the cart so that all your tools, ingredients and serving trays are always accessible – you won’t need to use a table for keeping frequently used items. You can hang your accessories on tool holders for easy reach.

Two burners supply 12,000 BTU which will roast your meals thoroughly in a very short time frame. With such high heat capacity in a compact volume, the grill packs the fiery power of a flamethrower in a truly portable device.

These burners have been constructed from high-quality stainless steel which will withstand corrosion and last for a long time with minimal maintenance. You can supply your burners with propane from the 1.2 lb highly portable propane tank or you can use the conversion hose to connect the grill to a full sized tank.

The total cooking area is 285 square inches which is ample for families and small gatherings. The cooking area can also be covered with a lid which has been aerodynamically designed to minimize the impact of strong winds.

This will keep your grill stable even in tough outdoor environments and let you cook with ease even under windy conditions. The lid will retain the heat so that your meals are cooked in a shorter period of time. You can save fuel costs and cook more food with less propane. This high fuel efficiency is important for traveling since you want to carry minimum fuel and supplies.

With such desirable and consistent heat characteristics, it is easier than ever to create chef-level professional-quality barbeque that everyone will love.

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance

This full sized grill offers 4 burners with a scorching hot 36,000 BTU heat capacity. It is therefore wonderful for fairly large parties and gatherings. For extra power there is even a 10,000 BTU side burner mounted with a lid.

The primary cooking space offers a spacious cooking area of 475 square inches that is constructed from porcelain enameled grates made of cast iron. The porcelain coating offers corrosion resistance, prevents food from sticking and getting burnt and also makes the grates easy to clean.

You can also create more cooking space via the swing away rack which is also porcelain coated. With this feature, you can gain extra cooking area of 175 square inches.

The control panel, handle and lid are made from stainless steel which offers durability in addition to a strong lustrous surface.

For a greater level of heat control, you can use the built-in thermometer to produce perfect results every time.

Reliable electronic ignition will start up your grill right away in just one go. You will not have to make several attempts to operate the grill and endure frustration in the process.

The grill has been mounted on extra large six inch wheels so that you can move the grill anywhere with ease.

The grease pan collects all drippings and it can be easily removed and clean with minimum hassle.

Char-Broil Classic 280

For those on a budget this is one of the most cost effective grills that can meet most of your barbeque needs.

The grill provides a cooking area of 280 square inches. This cooking space has been crafted from porcelain coated grates which are highly resistant to corrosion and therefore long-lasting. The porcelain enamel is easy to clean and prevents food from sticking to the grating and getting wasted.

Two burners deliver a scorching high 20,000 BTU of heat which together with the ample cooking area are sufficient for the needs of a large family. You can use this highly economical grill to cook barbeque delights for your family on a daily basis.

The burners are made from stainless steel which will last longer and keep them rust free. The lid, control panel, shelves and most of the grill body has been covered with porcelain enamel for durability and astonishing elegance.

You can activate your grill with effortless ease at just one press of a button. The highly reliable piezoelectric ignition mechanism will get your grill going in the first try.

Extra large 6 inch wheels make this inexpensive device highly mobile. With this useful feature, you can set up your grill in your porch, backyard or any other suitable place.

Metal side shelves provide enough space to store frequently used ingredients and tools for quick retrieval.

It is quite amazing that this model provides virtually everything you will need from a grill at such a low price. This grill should be a high priority for those with a limited budget looking for a superb deal. It certainly provides the best value for money.

Decision Time: Which Gas Grill is Best for You?

Now that you’ve seen our favorites, it’s time for you to decide. Will you go with the best overall gas grill, a more budget-friendly grill, or maybe even a portable grill that you can take on the go? By choosing any of the grills above in our best gas grills buying guide, you’ll be in good hands. They’re all great options.

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