Best Fire Pit Grills: Top 5 Reviewed

It is not possible for everyone to go out on a camping site or beach just to have a comfortable time with their friends and family, but everyone certainly deserves this time. With the help of a fire pit, you can create the same environment at your home. With its comfortable and aesthetic appeal, a fire pit can elevate all family experiences.

Fire pits have the ability to keep us warm as the chilly weather approaches while allowing us to roast S’mores or make a hearty BBQ. However, getting your hands on the best fire pit grill can be difficult, which is why this guide will help you choose the best one for your needs.

What to Consider when Buying a Fire Pit Grill?

Construction Materials

The material of the fire pit grill should complement your home’s décor and environment. Each material used for the construction will have different results, therefore, when considering to purchase a fire pit grill, make sure you choose the suitable material.

best fire pit grills
  • Aluminum and Cast Iron: The major difference between an aluminum fire pit grill and a cast iron one is their weight. While aluminum-based fire pit grills are lighter, they have the ability to rust quickly if it is left unprotected. A cast iron one is more resistant to rust, is more durable, but much heavier. Both these options are –somewhat- affordable options. It is important to know that a cast iron pit will last longer.
  • Steel: Steel is a material that is easily available and it can be molded into different structures. It is also a material that is prone to rust, but there is an alternative to it, known as stainless steel. Fire pit grills that have intricate patterns are usually made of steel and they will cost more. The majority of fire pit grills are made with steel.
  • Ceramic/Stone/Marble: Fire pit grills made with this material are likely to cost more than other fire pits. The reason why these have become popular is that they are durable and they look good. Because they do not get damaged by the weather, these fire pit grills last long. Fire pit grills are extremely heavy, and they are not easy to move around.
  • Copper: Fire pit grills made with copper can be used for decades because of how rust resistant they are while being extremely strong. This fire pit grill can definitely cost you a fortune, but it’s value for money. You can use it for years and years.

Heat Sources

The main point of a fire pit grill is to have scorching hot fire coming out of it so you can embrace the warmth while having a fun time. Although there are different ways to fuel the fire, everyone has their own purposes. The two main fire sources are:

  • Coal: Coal can be bought in a simple bag and it is the best way to keep a fire going. Moreover, if you are willing to cook over your fire pit grill, coal is the ideal choice. Coal burns slower and longer, which is why it is better than other alternatives. It does not have intense, uncomfortable heat.
  • Wood: Wood has been a companion to man for as long as we can remember. This material has the ability to give heat even there are only embers left and it does not cost much. Wood is used when the fire pit grill is outdoors because of how intense it is. When the fire finishes, the smoke has the ability to toast marshmallows to perfection. If the wood is wet or even moist, it will be too hard for you to start a fire. Make sure the wood is dry when trying to start a fire. Also, when the fire dies out, you will need to be ready to clean the ash.

Think About Purpose, Placement, and Size

When you are thinking about getting a fire pit grill, you need to know what it is for. Are you getting it for bonding time with family or for large events? Do you want this grill to be permanently fixed or movable? These simple questions will help you figure out what type and size of the fire pit grill you should get. Small fire pit grills are ideal for patio hangouts and they are 22-24 inches. Larger fire pit grills are ideal for family gatherings and big events.

Remember, the bigger the fire pit grill is, the heavier and harder it will be to move around. Therefore, if you want a small, mobile pit, looking for a smaller sized one with handles. Larger grills usually get cemented to the ground so they do not need to get moved.

The area where you choose to place your fire pit grill should not have any flammable things around. The area should be clear from plants, bushes, flowers, and trees. If you have a smaller sized fire pit grill, make sure children and pets are not going anywhere near it.

What It Offers

When it comes to fire pit grills, there are different things everyone expects from them. A fire pit grill has different functions that can happen inside your home. Every grill has its own functions that can cater to your needs.

  • Grill on fire pit: As suggested by its name, this grill is the best for BBQs. Whether you choose to grill juicy meats or vegetables, you can do anything with this grill. With this style, you will be given a grilling grate and a cover that will ensure the right temperature for any kind of BBQ.
  • Fire pit table: In this fire pit, you will get a flat surface that will allow you to place anything on it. It is the best option for when you have people coming over because they can keep their appetizers or cocktails on the table while enjoying the warmth.

The 5 Best Fire Pit Grills

After taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to determine what fire pit grill you are in need of the most. Here are our top choices:

Saltillo 3 in 1 Fire Pit With BBQ Grill Kit

This fire pit creation by Saltillo is incredible. The reason is that it is an aesthetic appeal that adds value to your environment while doing 3 in 1 functions. You can use this fire pit as a grill for making your favorite BBQ foods, as a decorative element to your patio, or a source of warmth for chilly nights. Whatever you choose to do, you can ensure that this fire pit will not disappoint.

The fire pit grill sits on curved cast iron legs that aid it in being stable. A covering is also provided so it can be used on the fire pit when need be. The covering can be used when you are using the fire pit for cooking. Having the top covered will make sure there is nothing going in the fire while maintaining the temperature inside.

The Saltillo Fire Pit has a 75 cm diameter and it weighs 15 kgs. it is the ideal sized fire pit to have around a gathering.

80cm Indian Fire Bowl with Grill & Stand

The Indian Fire Bowl is a favorite because it is made with recycled material, which makes us want to admire its large size even more. This fire pit sits on cast iron legs that help it stay off the ground and provide it with stability. It weighs around 28 kgs so you can determine how big it really is.

The Indian Fire Bowl provides you with two main functions, heating and cooking. There is a large cooking grate that comes with the fire pit. This cooking grate has an 80 cm diameter that allows you to cater to a large crowd. The steel bowl is durable and has the ability to successfully maintain/transfer heat. It is made with the same material that is used in Indian utensils (karahi or kadai).

For your ease, there are two, sturdy handles that are on the sides of the bowl that help with moving the bowl from one place to another. However, these handles do not have a protective covering on them, which means you will need to keep your hands protected when trying to move it around.

To prevent premature clogging, you can put sand at the bottom of the fire.

Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl

It is safe to say that the Gardeco Elidir is one of the best mass produced fire bowls available because it is made with cast iron and is reliable. Since it is made with a material like a cast iron, you can assume that it will be heavy, it will serve its long period, and it will not rust over time. The feet of this fire bowl add a decorative element while fully fulfilling the purpose of keeping the bowl balanced.

The bowl has a height of 35.9 cm and a diameter of 45 cm. Although the fire bowl will not be able to carry too much firewood or charcoal, you can rest assured that it will have even heating all around. The grate on top of the fire bowl is used for barbequing. But, if you do not want to BBQ, you can take the grate off.

For cleaning, all you have to do is tip the fire bowl over.

Czaja Stanzteile 80cm Fire Bowl

The 80 cm Fire Bowl by Czaja Stanzteile is a smaller option compared to other fire bowls. Instead of being made with cast iron, it is made with 3 mm of steel. The fire bowl has three legs for support and to produce heat, you can feed it firewood. This Fire Bowl has a diameter of 80 cm, which is the normal size for a small fire bowl.

Since the entire fire bowl is made with metal, make sure you are not placing it in an environment that could be flammable. Luckily, because of its small size, the cleaning of this bowl is quite easy. All you have to do is scoop the ashes out and you are good to go. If you want to have a BBQ session with your loved ones, add a grate and start cooking.

The handles do not have a protective layer on them, so make sure you are wearing gloves before trying to move the fire bowl around. The total weight of this fire bowl is 17.5 kgs and it has a height of 32 cm accompanied by an 80 cm diameter.

If you leave this fire bowl exposed or unprotected for too long, it will begin to rust over time, therefore, make sure it is covered when it is not being used. Adding a chemical layer to the fire bowl will make sure your fire pit does not look rusty.

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit

The Landmann Fire Pit promises you functionality and a cozy ambiance. The moon and stars cut out around the fire pit shine when there is charcoal burning inside. This promotes elevated family bonding, something no one will be able to forget. This fire pit is made with cold-rolled steel and finessed with Georgia clay and paint. This makes the fire pit durable and prevents it from rusting over time.

Like the others, this fire pit also has three legs for support. The fire bowl has a diameter of 60 cm. the ring around the fire bowl allows you to move it around easily when needed. There is also a cooking grate provided. However, you need to purchase a mesh lid that can go on top of the food to keep it protected.

The Landmann Fire Pit has a height of 58.4 cm and a width of 74.9 cm. It has easy to follow assembling instructions also.

Our Final Thoughts

These are the best fire pit grills recommended. Although each has a different function, they all ensure fun and family bonding, while also allowing you to grill your food over a fire.

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