The 5 Best Electric Grills

Electric grills offer several advantages which explain why they are a popular choice for seasoned grilling enthusiasts. Therefore, you should read this review to understand the advantages offered by the best 5 electric grills on the market.

Electric grills can be instantly turned on. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. These grills heat up to working temperature quite quickly. Since they do not produce any smoke they can also be used indoors.

Electric grills have lower operating costs than gas-powered grills. They also offer a lot of conveniences since they are very compact and easy to use.

best electric grills

Electric grills also have greater acceptance than charcoal and gas-powered grills. This is because they do not produce smoke. They are also safer since they do not work with gas or open flames which are potentially hazardous to property.

The 5 Best Electric Grills

1. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler, GR-4N

This is a highly versatile grill which can perform five different cooking functions. This electric grill provides a 200 square inch surface area for grilling. The grill has compact dimensions and can, therefore, be stored easily when not in use.

Thanks to the nifty design, you can use two cooking surfaces to make all kinds of meals. You can use this clever device to make a quick dinner or well-grilled sandwiches for lunch.

The reversible cooking plates and the hinged floating cover are responsible for a number of benefits.

On one side, the plates have raised ridges for use as a grill. On the other side, the plates have a smooth and flat surface for use as a griddle.

The grill side can be used to make healthy recipes since the ridges can drain grease and fat from your food. It is therefore perfect for roasting meats, vegetables, kebabs, burgers and more.

The smooth side can be used for heartier and delicious recipes like scallops, sausages, pancakes, hash browns, French toast, fried eggs, and bacon.

The floating hinge and handle can also be employed as a contact press. You can use this arrangement to adjust the cover according to the thickness of the food. Both sides can be roasted with uniformity.

You can convert this versatile into a fully fledged grill by pressing the lever and opening the cover. The cover can be opened to a full 180 degrees to present another cooking surface.

As a result, you can use the Cuisinart Griddler in the following ways:

  • Half griddle and half grill
  • Full griddle
  • Full electric grill
  • Panini press
  • Contact grill

You can use this nimble gadget in these five different ways as suggested by the name.

As a Panini press or contact grill, it employs two heating elements located in the base and the cover. With the heated cover, you can cook the food evenly and quickly. The cover will let the food retain its juices and remove the need to flip foods. This is great for burgers, thin boneless meats, toast bread and more.

The control panel has three big dials which can be used to adjust temperature and select functions.

After you have turned the dial to the required setting, a glowing red light will indicate that the grills power is on. The green light will glow when the grill reaches the required temperature. These features provide convenience.

The cooking plates have been fabricated from die-cast non-stick coated aluminum. The plates have one spout each which can be placed towards the back of the grill to drain drippings and grease into the drip tray. Both housing units are constructed from glossy stainless steel. The Panini handle is constructed from cast aluminum and has a heat-proof protective covering.

The entire grill weighs just 10.5 pounds and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

This is a highly versatile grill which can be used to perform several functions in the comfort of your kitchen. There is also a well-written manual which contains instructions on making gourmet recipes.

2. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B

Although this model is reminiscent of the vintage George Foreman grill it offers added functionality. This high capacity grill will allow you to prepare enough food for 15 guests at a time as indicated by the name.

The sloped grilling surface provides a major advantage. This feature is present in other George Foreman models. It helps to remove grease and fat from your food to make it more healthy and safe. Therefore if you cook burgers on this grill made from 80/20 ground chuck, they will have around 40 percent less fat. The inside will remain succulent, juicy and delicious.

The non-stick surface provides more benefits. With non-stick surfaces, you do not need to add oil or grease to prevent your food from searing. This can prevent the fat content from increasing. Since there will no burnt food stuck to the grill, the surface is easy to clean. In fact, if you clean the grill right after it cools, wiping it with a paper towel may be sufficient in most cases.

The large cooking surface presents a prime grilling area of 240 square inches. This space is enough for cooking a meal for 15 guests at a time. This large size is ideal for large households, parties and gatherings.

The grill provides temperature control function which will provide the precision that you need for perfectly roasted food. Since temperature control is difficult with an open flame grill, you can easily burn food with it. But with this temperature control, you can cook food evenly throughout.

The temperature control knob lets you set the perfect temperature for your meals. Five different temperature settings are available which can allow you to grill a wide range of foods conveniently.

The removable stand will also make it easy for you to set up your grills indoors or outdoors.

3. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Searing Grill

This electric grill is a good choice for those who want to make delicious meals without the hassle of gas-powered grills. since this grill is powered by electricity, it does not emit any smoke and can be used safely indoors.

The generous cooking area provides plenty of space for your favorite grill recipes. This means that grilling for small parties and gatherings is now a cinch. You can use this model to cook small batches without expending too much energy.

The grill plate has been designed to distribute heat evenly for uniform results. Not only are the drip tray and grill plate easily detachable, they are also dishwasher safe. Therefore, cleaning up after cooking your favorite meals will not require effort. You can also replace them easily in case they break or suffer damage.

You can also close down the lid to retain heat and thus conserve energy and costs. The lid can also help you to control spattering so that you won’t have to face a mess on your countertop once grilling is over. The lid will also help you to maintain a uniform temperature distribution and allow you to cook your food in a shorter time. The built-in handle of the lid remains cool no matter what the temperature of the cooking area. It is, therefore, safe to touch at all times.

Handles have also been added to both sides of the grill to make it easier to move. The handles have a comfortable grip. The bottom of the grill also has rubber pads so that the grill does not slip on the surface.

With the temperature selector, you will have the control that you need for grilling your food to perfection. You can take up the temperature to as much as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With this high-temperature limit, you can grill full-sized thick steaks with uniformity and perfection. You can keep your roasted items crispy and seared on the outside and rare and juicy inside.

4. Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill

Here is an extra convenient grill that can save you a lot of cost in the long run and provide several other benefits as well. Not only is the grill extremely inexpensive, it has also low operating expenses since it runs on electricity. With this model, you can, therefore, enjoy the best quality grilled food by making a small investment and paying only small costs on a monthly basis. This grill offers true value for money.

Thanks to the extra large surface area which spans 15” by 10”, you can roast multiple ingredients at the same time.

Since this grill is highly portable, you can carry it anywhere with ease. It is the ideal companion for camping trips and caravan holidays. Since this grill is so compact it can be stowed very easily in your car. You can also carry it easily by hand since it weighs only six pounds.

For thorough heat coverage of the grill plate, the cooking surface has a special ribbed design which will allow you to get the best performance.

The channel at the bottom of the grill plate has been specially designed to extend service life and to protect the heater.

The specially designed ribbed surface and drip tray will reduce the grease and fat content of your meal thereby making them healthier and safer for you. The natural flavor will also be retained and your food will remain moist and succulent. The drip tray is also dishwasher safe so that you will not need to manually clean it.

With the adjustable temperature control, you can set the grill to the right temperature for the perfectly cooked meal.

The insulated base and safety handles remain cool to touch even when the grill is working at high temperature.

If you like to grill a lot then you should consider purchasing this cost-effective grill.

5. George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System GRP4800R

This inexpensive grill costs under $100 dollar. Although it is low in price and size, it is big in terms of benefits.

The design and shape of the grill are very appealing and eye-catching. The removable drip tray and hinges are typical of classic models.

The cooking area is not particularly large since this grill has been designed to be compact and portable. The dimensions of the grill are 15.5 x 9 x 13 inches. There is enough room to roast 5 full sized burgers without squeezing them together and forcing down the lid. Therefore, you can cook five different items at a time. This is enough for small families.

Ceramic grills are also included in this grill model. Ceramic material is better and has better heat holding capacity than cast iron. As a result, they can hold heat for a longer length of time. Ceramics are also gentler on meats and allow them to retain their juices. If you like the results of ceramic grates then you will be pleased with this model since it uses high-quality ceramic grills. Cleaning the cooking surface is also easier since it is coated with porcelain enamel.

There is also a big searing button in the middle of the lid. Foreman has included this option as a better and more convenient way of searing your food. You can now create the most phenomenal burgers and steaks just by pressing the searing button. Activating this feature allows the grill to rise to the correct temperature automatically for the best-seared results.

With the help of this grill, you can cook foods that are healthier by up to forty percent. With this device, your grilled food will have a much lower content of fat and grease. At the same time, they will be able to retain their moisture to give you the best taste and juiciness. To achieve this, the grill uses the signature sloped grates.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the five best electric grills that we could find, you can make a good decision on your purchase. Any of these indoor/outdoor electric grills will suit you well depending on your specific needs.

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