Best Charcoal Grills: Top 5 Reviewed

When we’re purchasing high tech devices, we carefully scrutinize their features as small things can make a significant difference. However, when we’re buying low tech devices, we have the temptation to choose just any model. This issue applies to the buying of grills in particular. After all, the grilling method is the same as it was thousands of years back.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

However, you may not know that you need the right grill to bring out the best flavor of your expensive meat. Don’t waste that good meat you buy with a lackluster grill. Don’t worry, we’re here to make the decision process a little easier. We’ve made it our duty to find the best charcoal grills so that you can have the absolute best barbecue.

Best Charcoal Grills: Top 5 Reviewed

The 5 Best Charcoal Grills

Weber Premium Original Kettle (22 in)

The classic round design of this legendary grill remains unchanged since the time of your grandparents. The reason for this is simple. The round contour allows for a convection heat flow for delicious and well-done barbecue.

This grill allows the use of direct heat and also lets you smoke meat and vegetables. There are a number of sizes available in this pristine model: 18, 22 and 26 inches diameter.

With the 22-inch diameter model, you will have a cooking area of 363 square inches. This is sufficient for roasting 13 burgers concurrently.

The grill employs a simple tripod design. Two legs have wheels while the third leg is plain. The wheels allow you to transport the grill with some degree of ease. However, due to the weight, the grill cannot be described as portable.

The bowl and lid have a porcelain enamel surface, which is ideal for heat retention. This surface is also enduring and can protect the grill from peeling, cracking and rusting even at high grilling temperatures. You can also hang the lid over the side of the bowl with the help of the lid hooks. You won’t need to place the lid on the ground.

The dampers are adjustable for temperature control without lifting the lid. To extinguish the coals, you can shut off the dampers. By doing so, you can completely stop the inflow of fresh air.

You can also place charcoal over the fuel grate for indirect or direct grilling. The cooking grate allows even distribution of heat for consistent high-quality results. The cooking grate has been fabricated from coated steel for corrosion resistance and long life.

Ease of cleaning is an important factor for charcoal grills. That’s because a bit of mishandling can create a big mess and spread ash everywhere. This grill model is easy to clean due to the detachable ash catcher and sweeper. With the one-touch system, you can quickly remove the ashes from the bowl. The ash catcher will collect all of the debris. You can comfortably withdraw the ash catcher and dispose of the ashes without any problems. The cleaning system is simple and hassle-free.

Due to high reliability and excellent performance, the Weber Original Kettle 22-inch charcoal grill has very high ratings. It’s the ultimate choice for veteran grillers who have used all kinds of grilling devices over a long period of time.

Broil King 911470 Keg 5000 Kamado Grill

The design is quite similar to a beer keg, hence the name. The unconventional shape of this grill definitely attracts attention. The design of this grill is inspired by the Kamado cooking technique, which was developed in Japan around 3,000 years back.

Due to its form, the model is an effective direct heat grill and smoker. But it also suffers a major downside due to its shape. With such a narrow bottom, it cannot be used for indirect grilling.

This model features a double-walled insulated design so that the grill can retain a greater amount of moisture and heat. The grill heats up very quickly and delivers high heat to your food. This way, not only will your barbecue be ready in a shorter time period, but it will also be more succulent and delicious. You can enjoy unique barbeque flavors because of the construction of the Kamado grill.

Thanks to the double-wall feature, most of the heat is retained instead of being wasted. This provides another key benefit. The cooking grid will become very hot in a short time period, but the walls of the grill will be relatively cooler.

You can adjust the dampers located at the top and bottom of the grill to vary temperature settings. You can also control the level of smoke with these dampers to impart a delicious aroma and wonderful smoky flavor to your barbecue. The design of this grill is particularly suited for smoking. Hence, grilling enthusiasts who love smoke flavor should consider purchasing this grill.

There are also markings on the dampers, which will allow you to remember how much you adjusted them for the perfect taste. You can, therefore, use these markings to adjust dampers at the right level. It is easy to replicate your masterpiece and make consistently high-quality barbecue every time.

Due to a combination of the unusual shape and insulated double walls, most of the heat is absorbed by your food. Less heat is also wasted. Owing to this high heat efficiency, you can cook more food with the same amount of charcoal compared to other models. You will save on charcoal for cost-saving benefit.

Since there is no ceramic coating, the steel grill faces no danger of cracking or peeling.

The cooking grid covers 280 square inches. For extra space to arrange spices, sauces and other important items you can swing out the chrome racks. They will provide you an extra space of 200 square inches.

The ash catcher has been attached in the right position to gather all the ash when you clean up. The ash will not drop down to the floor and spread everywhere. Clearing up the debris is quick and convenient.

There are also accessories that make this grill even more flexible. Other extras, which are shipped with the grill, include the multi-tool, mobility cart, detachable shelves, and chrome racks.

The grill body is covered with an extra long 10-year warranty while the paint and remaining parts have a 2-year warranty. The durable Broil King Keg 5000 Kamado Grill will serve you well for years to come.

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

Although it is compact, the grill offers high performance. It is, therefore, perfect for those who are always on the go.

This portable grill is great for picnics, camping in the wilderness and other outdoor adventures. This lightweight grill will serve the needs of small groups quite nicely. You can even use it comfortably in your own backyard.

This model has the same basic construction as other Weber charcoal grills. Therefore, it has the same degree of reliability and quality.

The cooking grid is nickel plated and it has a 14-inch diameter. To be precise, the actual diameter of the renowned grill is 14.5 inches. But Weber apparently chose to drop the .5 from the diameter presumably for marketing purposes. The whole number 14 looks neater and more compact.

The cooking grate has enough space to hold six burgers or three full-size steaks. It is, hence, sufficient for small groups.

The classic round schema of this grill allows even heating of the food. You will be able to produce consistent top quality results for all of your barbecue meals.

The brilliant jet black porcelain surface will protect the grill from corrosion and peeling. The grill is definitely built to last.

You can also adjust the airflow via the dampers to control smoke and heat level. With these settings, you can discover the perfect flavor for your favorite recipes.

You won’t need to use mitts while handling the lid since the insulated glass reinforced nylon handle allows easy opening and closing.

An ash pan is placed underneath the bowl so that you can clean the grill easily without spreading the ash. The ash pan is made of stainless for corrosion resistance and long life.

A light yet sturdy three-legged structure supports the charcoal grill. The grill weighs just 10 pounds. Yet it offers the high quality and reliability that you would expect from the renowned Weber brand.

The Weber Smokey Joe is highly durable and satisfied users mention that they have been using this grill without any problem for the last 10-15 years. The great thing about this model is that it basically offers the same quality as other heavy duty models (although the volume is smaller for the sake of portability).

However, the price is much lower compared to the other models. This model is, therefore, a great option for those who want an excellent bargain. It is also perfectly suitable for those on a low budget.

Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill

Since 1986, Lodge has been making rugged cookware from cast iron in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. The durability, quality, and reliability of their cookware reflect the 120-year experience of the company.

The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill employs the Japanese Hibachi style for unique authentic flavor.

Hibachi literally means ‘fire bowl’. This is because the hibachi grilling technique employs high direct heat to prepare barbecue delights. Different ingredients may be roasted at high heat such as seafood, vegetables, and meat. The food items are roasted on a very hot metal plate. A ceramic container with burning charcoals is placed underneath the metal plate to supply heat.

A draft door has been embedded to regulate heat. The hot coals are kept below a door which can be flipped down to provide access.

The height of the grill can also be adjusted at two levels for convenience.

The compact grill has excellent heat retention capability so that you can cook a greater amount of food with less charcoal.

The compact size of the grill makes it ideal for small groups going on a picnic or camping trip. It can even be used easily in your backyard or patio.

You can adjust the heat to keep the food warm. You can even use this grill to make coffee or tea while you are outdoors roaming the wilderness.

The simplicity of construction means that the grill can be taken apart and assembled with great ease.

Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

This vertical barrel-shaped grill provides a generous amount of cooking area through its unique eye-catching design. With this grill, you will have access to 1382 square inches of high-quality cooking surface.

The enormous cooking area has been made possible due to the multi-level design. Circular cooking grids have been positioned one on top of the other within the barrel-shaped heavy duty steel frame. So although the arrangement is rather tall, it does not occupy more area than other common grill models.

The robust frame has been constructed from heavy gauge steel.

The ingenious spring lid grip allows users to safely open the grill lid without suffering burns. Due to its design, it always remains cool and is therefore safe to touch even while the grill is hot.

The oversized wheels make it easier for you to transport the grill. The wheels are made from steel for high durability.

The in-built analog temperature gauge shows the ‘smoke zone’ which is the ideal temperature range for imparting smoke flavor. Whether it is briskets, ribs or any other ingredient you can cook them slowly at a low temperature to create the perfect smoky taste. The ‘grill zone’ has also been marked so that you can create the perfect regular barbecue.

Whether it’s smoking or grilling, you can enjoy access to a range of cooking options with the Dyna Glo Signature Smoker and Grill.

Due to the enormous cooking area, this grill is ideal for a large gathering and barbecue parties.

Decision Time: Which is the Best Charcoal Grill for You?

Now that you’ve seen our favorite options, which of the best charcoal grills will you choose? Whether you want the simple classic grill, a portable grill, or a full-on grill and smoker, our buying guide has you covered. No matter which of the best charcoal grills you choose, it will be a good decision.

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