Assassin Pellet Grill Review

The Assassin Pellet Grill has been designed to maintain proper temperature control and provide excellent grilling results. It has been built for both beginners and professionals barbecue chefs.

Read this in-depth review to find out if it is right for you or not.

Our Assassin Pellet Grill Review


  1. Outstanding grilling results and superb smoke flavor
  2. Good temperature control
  3. Wide cooking area exceeding 1100 square inches
  4. Sturdy, heavy-duty grill with excellent construction details


Appearance and Build Quality

The Assassin Pellet Grill is a formidable grilling appliance, measuring 47 in. (length) x 24 in. (width) x 59 in. (height). This sizeable machine weighs around 300 pounds.

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Simply put, Assassin is a heavy-weight pellet grilling platform. The immense weight of the machine points towards incredible build, quality and construction details. All parts of the machine are solid and sturdy. The grill is made from heavy gauge steel sheet, which is why it has high strength and rigidity to last for a long time.

The grill also has a sleek and pleasing appearance due to its imposing construction features, which includes sharp lines, smooth surface, and elegant design. The appearance conveys its quality. The entire grill has standard black metallic paint that adds a striking look to the glistening grill. Due to the heavy-weight and large cooking area, the footprint is quite big.

Cooking Surface Area

With a cooking surface area that exceeds 1100 square inches, this pellet grill surpasses other high-end models available on the market. There are very few pellet grill models that feature such extensive capacity.

The grilling grates are covered with porcelain to prevent heavy corrosion and rusting. This will allow the grill to serve you well for many years.


Since this is quite a heavy grill, grilling enthusiasts will certainly be concerned about moving it. To address this valid concern, the grill is supported by four casters. Most grill models have two wheels that are rigid and will not turn.

On the contrary, this grill has 4 wheels. All of the wheels are casters so that the grill can easily be turned in any direction. You can, therefore, move the grill around in your backyard without any trouble.

Temperature Control

The grill’s controller allows you to set temperatures between 200 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit in increments of 5 degrees. This temperature is at par with the 500 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature that other pellet grills also offer. The Assassin Pellet Grill may not be the best choice if you want the food surface to be seared well and super crispy.

But then the truth is that pellet smokers, in general, cannot match the performance of dedicated searing grills when it comes to cooking in this way. But for all other barbecue cooking methods, the food produced is mouthwatering and delicious.

The machine’s temperature control is quite good. The controller keeps the temperature within 10 degrees of the set temperature, which is quite decent. Although the temperature control is not perfect, it is reasonably good. All grills have some amount of temperature variance with the better grills having a small range.

An analog temperature gauge has been mounted on the lid so that you can keep track of grilling region temperature. There is also a handle on the lid so that it can be easily opened without the risk of burning.


The controller interface is user-friendly and simple to program. You can set the temperature easily just by turning the temperature control dial. The controller works in much the same way as a Pit Boss or a Traeger Grill. So, if you have any experience with these grills, you can get started right away with the Assassin Pellet Grill Controller.

From what it appears, the controller activates the auger only while keeping the fan running at full speed all the time.

More sophisticated controllers may vary the fan speed as well as keep fuel consumption low. The Assassin Grill, therefore, has a higher fuel consumption compared to pellet grills that control the fan speed.

If this issue matters to you, then you may need to invest in the Savannah Pellet Grill Controller. This is a very nifty device, which facilitates a high level of control over all kinds of pellet grills, including control over fan speed. There is also a meat probe that sounds an alert when the temperature of the roast reaches the set value.

Great Smoking Function

However, despite the higher fuel consumption, smoking results are above par. The controller and the smoker produce high levels of smoke even at higher temperatures. So you will get a really nice smokey flavor even if you grill your food at higher temperatures.

With the other grills, you have to smoke the food at low temperatures first to get a decent amount of smoke. You then have to cook the food at a higher temperature to make it well done. But with the Assassin Pellet Grill, you can carry out both smoking and cooking at higher temperatures concurrently.

Barbecue enthusiasts will want to consider this plus point carefully since the smoking performance of the Assassin Pellet Grill will enable them to impart that irresistible authentic barbecue flavor to their meals. In short, the Assassin Pellet Grill is pretty awesome at doing what it was designed for: smoking barbecue to perfection.


Since the fan runs at top speed all the time, this means that more ash and dust will accumulate within the grill. It is better to clean the grill at regular intervals or after long cooking sessions to keep the grill in good condition. However, this should be standard practice for all grills so that their bodies remain in pristine condition. The grill also has a stainless steel grease pan to make grease removal easier and more convenient.


The grill has two foldable shelves to facilitate users. One shelf is located at the front of the grill and the second shelf folds out towards the right side of the grill. There is no shelf on the left side since that is where the hopper is attached. When unfolded, the shelves provide lots of space for all of your ingredients and accessories. There is more than enough surface area to keep all of your necessary grilling items within easy reach.

You can also fold the shelves back when they are not in use so that they don’t interfere with your cooking. Instead of offering a solid uniform surface, these shelves have been thoughtfully designed with a grill pattern. This is certainly a better idea since it will prevent spilled liquids from accumulating on the surface.

There is also a grilled shelf at the bottom above the caster wheels.

Since this is a large pellet grill, the cooking surface area is very generous. There is enough space for 14 racks of ribs. You have plenty of room to cook lots of food for big cookouts, barbecue parties and gatherings.


One major con of this pellet grill is that the lid is not waterproof. Some grill owners have addressed this issue by putting some tape on the cover. The best solution, however, is to position this grill under a tarp when it is raining.


On rare occasions, the hopper can also pose some problems with loading the pellets for combustion. At 18 pounds, the hopper has really good pellet holding capacity. But it does have a flat bottom, which can at times cause problems for the auger. Due to the flat bottom, the auger may not be able to transfer the pellets to the firebox. So there is the possibility that even with a full hopper, the firebox will not be producing smoke and heat. This will be indicated on the lid-mounted temperature gauge, which will register a large fall in temperature.

Overall, the grill barbecues food without any fuss, delivering delicious and well-done results. It can handle anything you put inside it and impart an irresistible and authentic smoky barbecue flavor. You can use this pellet grill for briskets, burgers, steak, prime ribs, sausages, brats, whole turkeys, seafood, chicken, beef and a wide variety of other foods.

Our Final Thoughts

If you don’t mind the higher pellet fuel consumption of the Assassin Pellet Grill, then it is a great choice for smoking. This is because it produces high smoke levels even at elevated temperatures to give smoke-flavored barbecue. The grill has plenty of cooking area so that you can cook a large amount of food quickly in one go. The grill is also sturdy and strong thanks to great construction details and use of heavy-gauge sheet metal.

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